IVF Quality Control

IVF Quality Control

Quality Control in our IVF laboratory plays a significant role in achieving success in the IVF program. Our doctors imparting IVF treatment in Delhi of India conduct quality control procedures regularly. This is essential to fine-tune already existing protocols to help infertile patients effectively. Thus, our patients will get a healthy baby after the procedure. Critical aspects of our quality control are-

Quality Control of IVF Lab Devices

Co2 Incubators Maintenance

Our experts working at the fertility center in Delhi of India, know that temperature and pH variation will affect the quality of the developed embryo and pregnancy rate. Hence, our QC experts make sure to maintain the CO2 incubator properly by following the mentioned steps-

  • Measurement of CO2 percentage and incubator’s temperature regularly to make sure of temperature and pH stability.
  • Regular cleaning followed by decontamination of the incubator
  • Frequent changing of the water in an incubator pan to retain humidity
  • Sperm survival test before each batch to make sure the incubator works properly

Take Care of Laminar Flow Workstation

  • Regular cleaning of the underlying surface
  • Regular cleaning and servicing of HEPA filter
  • Assurance of the proper HEPA filter operation by simply testing the density of various particulate matters

Maintenance of Microscope

Our professionals associated with IVF in India always check and ensure that the stereo zoom microscope and micromanipulator stay in good working condition. For this, we conduct regular cleaning and measure the stage warmer temperature daily.

Air Purifier to Use as Pressure Modules

Under this section, our professionals associated with IVF in Delhi of India, conduct regular cleaning and regular servicing of the attached HEPA filter.

Quality Control of Culture Mediums as well as their Disposables

We, the experts of IVF treatment in India, do QC culture mediums as well as their disposables by taking the following steps-

  • Proper documentation of the shelf life and the maintenance of the respective batch number
  • Keeping stocks with maintaining reorder level to prevent shortage issues
  • Proper refrigeration maintenance, which consists of regular measurement of temperature and cleaning to store the culture medium.

Quality Control to Deal with the Conditions of Sterile Culture

Along with the quality mentioned above control steps, we ensure optimal culture conditions to retain the formed embryos in good condition in our IVF lab. Our prime measures under this section include the following-

Cleaning of our IVF Lab

We conduct daily cleaning of our IVF center in Delhi of India, by applying an odorless and non-toxic type of disinfectant. In this case, we prefer H2O2 in diluted form, as alcohol solutions may be toxic to the formed embryos.

Overall, the main objective behind quality control in our clinics conducting IVF treatment in India is to provide the most favorable physical conditions to give you optimum results. These include pH control, temperature control, and osmolality of the underlying IVF culture medium. Therefore, documentation and monitoring of the temperatures inside refrigerators, incubators, and freezers are integral parts of our routine quality control in our IVF laboratories.

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