Andrology and its medication- all you need to know. 

What is andrology?

Andrology is a medical specialty in which it deals with the male reproductive organs or any urological issue. Andrology has been studied since the late 1960s. Andrology deals with men’s fertility issues and sexual dysfunction. Some of the men become infertile due to some factor and can’t produce a child. Like other diseases that deal with men’s reproductive organs, andrology can also cure by taking proper consultation by the IVF specialist or any fertility specialist in Delhi or India.

The specialist who specializes in treating male reproductive issues is also known as an “andrologist.” 

Symptoms of Andrology or infertility: –

Andrology deals with various causes and symptoms in men, which are written as follows.

  • Infertility or inability to produce a child is a major symptom of andrology.
  • Deceased sexual aspiration and unable to exclaim erectile dysfunction. 
  • Intense or vital pain occurrence in testicles 
  • A low or decreased amount of sperm has been seen in andrology.
  • Hormonal disbalance such as breast development and decreased body hair growth

The above were the common signs and symptoms related to men’s infertility or andrology. By consulting a good IVF specialist in India, it can be treated at the right time.

Causes of Andrology: –

A few factors can cause male infertility, or andrology like varicocele can be a major cause of having andrology. In a varicocele, the veins in testicular areas got swell and drained, which results in low sperm count. Another reason can be diabetes, as it has been seen that retrograde ejaculation, which is caused by diabetes, can impact sperm count, and as a result, it creates a problem in producing a child. Also, surgery related to the urethra or bladder can affect male testicle parts. Another reason, like a tumor, chromosomal defects, and heavy steroid consumptions, can create a hormonal imbalance that affects male reproductive parts.

Also, the abuse of drugs, heavy alcohol consumption, and heavy stress can cause andrology. Still, it can be prevented by getting treated through the best IVF clinic in India or any other part. 

Cure or treatment related to andrology: –

Andrology is common in men, so it can also be cured by visiting any IVF clinic in Delhi. There are many options available for andrology treatment, like surgery is performed in some cases in which defective vein causing varicocele is repaired or removed to increase the quantity of sperm count in the male testicle. IVF specialists are using antibiotics to cure infertility. Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation-like condition can be corrected by proper medication and consulting with any fertile specialist. Other therapies are.

  • Assisted Reproductive technology
  • Hormonal balance 

IVF specialists use all the above following procedures to cure andrology. 

How to get prevented from Andrology? Must know.

Andrology can be prevented by certain changes in one’s lifestyle, such as maintain a good amount of hormonal balance or a healthy weight can prevent a person from andrology or infertility. This can be done by eating a balanced diet. Using condoms can prevent andrology as it has been seen that sexually transmitted diseases cause infertility in men, and they became incapable of producing a child. Emotional stress and physical inactivity are other reasons for the effect on male reproductive parts. A person can prevent himself by doing more physical activities in his routine and decrease the amount of mental stress by living in a friendly environment. However, if a person is still in touch with andrology, he can visit any Indian fertility specialist

Is there any serious complication regarding andrology? Let see.

Andrology is found common in men as in many cases; it has been seen that with the proper treatment and medication, one’s infertility can be cured. As a result, there are no serious complications if a person is dealing with infertility. You can visit any IVF specialist in Delhi or contact any fertility clinic near your location. As it will not give an impact on your daily life routine 

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