PRP therapy for rejuvenation of the ovary

Even at a later age, do not worry about getting pregnant.

As the eggs in the ovaries get exhausted for any reason, there could be no alternative to having babies without egg donation. But the problem is the mother will not be the baby’s biological mother. Though parents always want to take this opportunity, there are some religions it is not allowed.

But with the PRP therapy for rejuvenation of the ovary, it is possible now to the women who are still having menopause. Still, premature failure ovaries also have a chance of having babies with their eggs.


What are the benefits of taking PRP therapy for rejuvenation of the ovary?

PRP or stem cells derived from adipose or both injected directly in the ovary will stimulate endogenous stem cells of the damaged area for regenerating tissue of ovarian-specific cells which will rejuvenate it.

When PRP gets injected into the ovary, it releases growth factors and cytokines to heal and revive tissues in the ovaries for producing eggs again. 

After a certain age of around 35 years, the production of eggs reduces very rapidly until 40. When eggs get decreased in ovaries, menopause reduces. 

What is the procedure of doing PRP therapy for ovary rejuvenation?

  • By puncture, the vein is around 10-20 ml blood, and then PRP is separated through a double centrifugation procedure. The count of platelets must be 4 to 5 times more normal count. 
  • Next is the PRP injection into the ovaries, which is the same as picking an egg while doing IVF in local anesthesia. This procedure could take 2 to 3 hours. 


Preparation of PRP

  • The blood is taken into the conical centrifugation tubes, then at 1200 rpm, centrifuged for around 10 minutes. 
  • The blood gets separated among three layers from which the lower part consists of RBCs, and the upper part consists of not-so-good platelet plasma. 
  • They take the 2/3 layer deeper, which includes the buffy coat.
  • A present layer is a buffy layer, while some plasma must be articulated inside the centrifuge tube.
  • Then this plasma gets re centrifuged for about 10 min at 2000 rpm. 
  • The platelet count is made to 6 to 8 times the normal count. 
  • This platelet count is mixed with the poor platelet’s plasma to bring the new final count, which is 5 to 6 times the normal count. 


Procedure of Infusion

  • For initiating the PRP therapy infusion for rejuvenation of the ovary after the end of periods, the patient should be called before the follicles start growing in the stomach. 
  • For the preparation of PRP, blood should be withdrawn. 
  • PRP gets injected into the ovaries, the same as the procedure of taking the eggs. 
  • After 1 to 2 hours, the patient will go back home. 
  • For three months, this procedure gets repeated each month. 
  • If there is a requirement of thickening uterus thin endometrial, then infusion of PRP could be done.

With the treatment of PRP therapy for rejuvenation of the ovary, the eggs’ formation could be possible when the reduction in eggs took place. Even at a later age, the woman can still have babies if she is still having menopause. 

Ovary Rejuvenation Therapy by Dr Rita Bakshi – IVF specialist in Delhi

Ovarian health is crucial to get pregnant naturally by a woman. However, many women face premature ovarian failure, which they do not know until clinically tested. It can cause infertility issues, and a fertility centre in Delhi can cure them. Dr Rita Bakshi is an experienced and result-oriented fertility specialist in India. Her assisted reproductive technology involves In vitro fertilization or IVF with the advanced Laser-Assisted Hatching or LAH. By availing this therapy on infertility issues in women, they need not search for a surrogate mother in Delhi. They decide to go for it, as they leave hope to get pregnant by taking infertility treatment in Delhi. Here, we have discussed the right candidate for rejuvenating the ovary from the best fertility centre in India.

Know About Ovarian Health in General

The ovary is a reproductive organ in women. It supports producing ovum responsible for conceiving or meeting the healthy male sperm and fertilizing to form a zygote. Thus, the fetus development happens there one in a woman. 

Ageing and the Decline in Ovarian Health

As a woman grows older, ovarian health do declines due to the ageing process. It is natural for any woman having an ovarian cyst, menopause, polycystic ovary syndrome, and delayed periods. In such a case, consulting with a trusted IVF centre in Delhi is the right choice for a childless woman. 

Preferable Age to Be Conceived by a Woman

The best times to get conceive is in-between 20s to 30s by a woman. Here, a 30-plus woman might have ovarian health issues. They might not know in the initial stage, as they will not feel any signs and symptoms of ovary-related diseases. Sometimes, your ignorance will lead to a delay in getting pregnant, as you did not approach the best infertility treatment in India. If you have a problem with your ovaries, your doctor will recommend ovary rejuvenation therapy.  

Ovary Rejuvenation Treatment

This treatment will involve many lab tests. Your doctor will rejuvenate your ovary health by PRP or Platelet-Rich-Plasma treatment or a combination of medicines and by the latest in IVF treatment in Delhi. The cost of IVF in Delhi varies by the patient’s present state of ovary-related problems, clinical tests, and the gynaecologist fee from a renowned IVF centre in Delhi. Moreover, the recovery or ovary rejuvenation time might differ if a patient did not follow medicines, lab tests, and consultation on time. 

  • A woman with gynaecological issues must consult an IVF clinic in Delhi if they wish to have babies soon. 

  • It is advisable to visit and check-up with the best IVF in Delhi before marriage if you have ovarian-related problems. 

  • Today, the modern IVF centre in India gives treatment with Laser-Assisted Hatching. It is best for childless women waiting to get pregnant soon before they are crossing their 40s. 


Laser-Assisted Hatching is the next step IVF specialist in India like Dr Rita Bakshi suggests. Today, we have the latest medical equipment, technicians, and experienced gynaecologists to help childless couples in India. Such an IVF clinic in India has reduced the surrogacy in India up to a certain level, and the childless women can conceive naturally. Many childless couples are happy to become a parent due to such a modern infertility treatment in Delhi. Most of the new clinics, lab technicians, and top gynaecologists of India are in Delhi. They follow the best practices in infertility treatment. For this, they use the latest in assisted reproductive therapies for a woman who is unable to concieve naturally.  

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