Surrogate home & surrogate mother care

Things you should know before you search for surrogate home & surrogate mother care.

No words can describe the pain and frustration of parents who want to have kids of their own but can’t. Thanks to recent developments in the medical field, this dream can become a reality. With the help of the best IVF clinic in India, anyone can get the right help and assistance for conceiving a child.

But in a few cases where a mother cannot become pregnant, either for personal or medical reasons, choosing the right surrogacy clinic in India is another good option. Through surrogate mothers, a couple can have their baby. Before you start searching for surrogate homes and surrogate mother care, there are certain things you should know. This knowledge will help you in making decisions.


What is surrogacy?

The process of assisted reproduction for a couple to have their child is surrogacy. In most cases, the wife’s eggs or the husband’s sperm will be the problem. Or, the uterus of the wife cannot bear a baby due to personal or medical reasons. Either way, another person, called a surrogate mother, will bear the baby. She will no way be genetically related to the baby as long as her eggs are not used in the IVF treatment process.


Is this expensive?

Whether you are choosing gestational or traditional surrogacy, this process is a little bit expensive. Here, you have to find the right surrogate mother for this process. Other factors like finding the sperm donor if the father’s sperm is unusable can also increase the cost and lengthen the process.

Though clinics extract a lot of money from their clients, you can find reasonably priced surrogacy services in Delhi with high experience in this field. Their rich knowledge with experience can help you from medical to legal matters regarding surrogacy.


The whole process of surrogacy

The process of using a surrogate mother in India is not that complicated if you know the details. Below is the series of events that will occur during surrogacy after finding the right surrogacy centre in India.

  • First, the couple undergoes tests to determine what prevents them from normal conception and childbirth. Based on the results and preferences, surrogacy gets advised.
  • Then, the couple needs to complete legal documentation with the surrogate mother and the clinic before starting the procedure.
  • Suppose the gametes (sperm and egg) of either one or both the parents are unusable, a suitable donor is found. Fertilization occurs invitro, and then the embryo gets implanted in the surrogate mother’s uterus.
  • The surrogate mother will stay in the surrogate mother’s care near or the centre until she delivers the baby. Then the baby is given to the legal parents.


Whether this process is simple or complicated depends on the IVF centre in India you choose. Before picking any centre, check their experience and testimonials to ensure they can genuinely help you.

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