Fillers and injectables

Fillers and injectables

Dermal fillers and injectables are used for vaginal rejuvenation in women who suffer from low sensitivity of the intimate area, dryness, pain during intercourse, saggy and wrinkled vulva, and in some cases to help with urinary incontinence. 

Dermal fillers are nothing but hyaluronic acid injections with some other antioxidants. Hyaluronic acid naturally exists in our skin tissues and it accumulates hydration (water) in the tissues. Dermal fillers are commonly used for facial fillers, lip fillers, and hand rejuvenation. They restore the plumpness of the skin and give a youthful look. 

Why do women need vaginal rejuvenation fillers and injectables?

Just as skin in any part of our body starts to get puckered as we grow older due to less collagen and hyaluronic acid production – vaginal skin also loses its elasticity, smoothness, hydration, and sensitivity. Aside from aging – childbirth, menopause, low estrogen level, and hormonal changes are some of the many possible causes of vaginal aging. Because of this, women not only suffer from low sexual sensitivity, satisfaction, and pain during sex but also take a toll on their own self-esteem since their vagina starts to look and feel undesirable. Although this shouldn’t be the case as it is natural, still we know that youthfulness is more desirable and everyone wants just that.

This is where vaginal rejuvenation treatments come to the rescue. Many such treatments can restore your overall vaginal health from sexual to urinary functions. But, when it comes to the appearance, and aesthetic of the vagina, fillers are very efficient.

Fillers and injectables don’t require any surgery, so no scarring or major bruises. As for pain, they are pain-free – as you would be under anesthesia during treatment. The most you’ll feel is a tingling sensation, that’s all. 

How do fillers work?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are injected into the outermost folds of the vaginal area, vulva lips, labia, and area close to the clitoris. This acid goes deep into the skin tissues and locks water inside them for hydration which adds volume to the tissues making them plump. These hydrated tissues make skin tighter and smoother. The hyaluronic acid fillers also restore lubrication of the outer area of the vagina hence minimizing itching, irritation, and pain, especially during sex.  As it rejuvenates the vaginal tissues it also increases the sensitivity of the vaginal area and G-Spot sensation, hence increasing the feeling of arousal during sex. Your labia will look plumpy and soft. 

Can anyone get this treatment? 

Generally, any woman can get this treatment except if you are; pregnant, breastfeeding, if you have a vaginal infection or allergies, or if you have some other medical condition. If you are considering this treatment, consult with your doctor and only get this treatment from a qualified and experienced surgeon. Talk with the doctor about possible risks, side effects, and your expectation of the treatment.

The procedure of vaginal rejuvenation with fillers

Your doctor will numb your vaginal area with a numbing cream or any suitable anesthetic. And the dermal fillers will be gently injected into your vaginal skin. It will hardly take 20-30 mins. The filler will take time to settle inside the skin and at first, your skin will look too puffy. Give it some to settle, and your skin will eventually absorb the fillers. It will be painless and will only feel little to no discomfort. Once it is done, you can go home and resume your day without any need for recovery. 

Vaginal Filler and Injectables Treatment

The effect of the treatment can last for one-two years as your body naturally starts to absorb the hyaluronic acid. For some people, it absorbs more quickly than others. A yearly top-up session can be done if required. 

Risk of fillers

As the substances (hyaluronic acid and antioxidants) being injected inside your body are natural to the body, there won’t be any risk of these injections. However, you have to take some care:

  • Some puffiness, mild redness, and itching with a tickling sensation on the injected part. So, don’t touch or scratch at all
  • Avoid blood thinning medication like aspirin (consult the doctor for more information)
  • No sex for 2-3 days until fillers settle down
  • Wear comfortable clothes and keep the injected part safe from too much heat, friction, and sun exposure

Perks of vaginal rejuvenation with fillers or injectables

  • Tightens the vaginal skin, and improves suppleness of the skin
  • More flaccid and elastic folds of the vulva
  • Immediate results
  • Increases sensitivity, lubrication, and hydration
  • Restore sexual appeal, enhanced arousal, and orgasm with G-spot stimulation 
  • It strengthens the vaginal skin and therefore can help with minor stress urinary incontinence – spontaneous urinary leakage when you sneeze or laugh
  • Restore the overall aesthetic of the vagina by reshaping the labia majora with plumper and smoother lips. 

Other options

Apart from fillers, laser vaginal rejuvenation is also a non-incisional, non-invasive, and effective treatment. To enhance the overall appearance of the vagina, fillers with laser vaginal whitening treatment will do wonders. 

At our clinic, we understand our clients’ needs and help to make them feel confident in their bodies. Our consultants provide you with the best options according to your needs and satisfaction. And we keep your privacy intact and make your treatment as comfortable as possible. 

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