DNA Fragmentation

The Ultimate Guide to DNA Fragmentation

The division or splitting of DNA strands into pieces is known as DNA fragmentation. DNA Fragmentation test India can be done on purpose by laboratory staff or cells or unintentionally. The DNA fragmentation that occurs naturally or unintentionally in a cell is known as spontaneous or unintended DNA fragmentation. For Instance, It can be calculated using the Comet assay or the TUNEL assay.

The procedure of Sperm DNA Fragmentation test in India

Requirements for the above:-

  • The number of DNA samples required is determined by the number of tests ordered and the size of the genes/panels chosen. The test can be completed in 15-25 ug quality DNA. 
  • The concentration should be at least 250 ng/ul.

Collecting Samples

Since all bodily fluids and hair contain DNA, this can be any bodily fluid or hair from a human. A swab of the inside of your cheek is the most common and least invasive sample taken.

Instructions for obtaining sperm DNA samples

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test India is not included in the Comprehensive Semen Analysis and must be ordered separately (test code SEXT). Semen samples should be frozen as soon as possible after liquefaction but no later than 60 minutes after ejaculation. For Sperm DNA Fragmentation testing, samples must be snap-frozen.

Two cryovials containing at least 0.25 mls of semen are required if another laboratory prepares samples. Frozen samples must be accompanied by relevant patient details, the sperm count, and a GDPR consent form and sent to TDL or collected by TDL by arrangement.

Lyse Cells

The cell membranes will be broken down as a result of this operation. An enzyme is typically added to a solution containing the DNA sample.


There are several methods for DNA Separation. Electrophoresis, on the other hand, is the most common. This method sorts molecules in a sample using an electric field. DNA’s differentiate molecular structure separates it from the rest of the sample.


To make copies of the DNA, a technique known as PCR is used. 


The discovery of genetic markers in the DNA that identify a relationship is referred to like testing. Although thousands of genetic markers are known, a relationship DNA test reports on 16 to 21 specific genetic markers that can prove a genetic relationship.


Now that the markers were identified, they may be in comparison to an unknown DNA sample. This will help figure out whether or not the unknown is the equal man or woman because of the DNA donor. In a paternity DNA test, the capability father needs to suit 1/2 of the kid’s genetic markers; the alternative 1/2 of need to be inherited from the mother.

Tests Types

  • Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (SCSA) 

 This test can rapidly measure many cells (between 5,000 and 10,000 sperm) in an ejaculate. The SCSA® test monitors changes in the fluorescence of a probe, acridine orange, to detect both single and double DNA strand breaks using flow cytometry.

  • Sperm COMET Assay [CMET]

When sperm counts are low, the Comet® assay can effectively assess DNA fragmentation because only 5,000 sperm are required. The Comet® assay detects abnormal sperm through electrophoresis and can detect both single and double-strand breaks.

Cost of Sperm DNA Fragmentation in Different Indian Cities. Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test Cost in Delhi is approximate Rs.8000/-. The DNA Fragmentation Test Cost in India Start from 8k and goes up to 10k


Sperm DNA fragmentation is a test used to detect any DNA damage in sperm cells. It should be noted that even when males have normal sperm analysis results, such as sperm count, shape, and speed, sperm DNA fragmentation or damage can still be present. DNA fragmentation cost India is 10k which is affordable.


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