IVF Treatment

IVF Treatment

 What is IVF Treatment?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or popularly called IVF Treatment in short is a technique of treating infertility using an assisted reproductive technology. It mainly involves combining the eggs and sperm artificially — outside the human body. In this process, using a natural selection of the egg usually allows only one sperm to enter. This then leads to a successful fertilization process in the laboratory itself.

After fertilization, the embryo is allowed to grow for a short span of time before getting implanted in the uterus. A successful ivf pregnancy is then confirmed nearly 2 weeks later.

IVF is one of the most common and successful techniques available for improving the chances of conception.

Why IVF Treatment is needed?

There are few medical conditions where the use of IVF can be a boom for couples wanting a conception. These are as listed below:

  • Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes(that could make it difficult for an egg to be fertilized or for an embryo to travel smoothly to the uterus)
  • Male infertility (men with a low sperm volume, weak movement of sperm i.e. poor mobility, or an abnormal sperm size and shape can make it difficult for the sperm to fertilize the egg)
  • Unexplained infertility (a condition where the cause of infertility remains unknown even after a detailed investigation)
  • Ovulation disorders (mainly a condition where ovulation fails to take place)
  • Premature ovarian failure (a condition medically called the ‘premature ovarian insufficiency’ (POI) that leads to a loss of the function of ovaries before the age of 40 years)
  • Endometriosis (when the lining of the uterus called the womb starts to grow outside of the uterus)
IVF Treatment


 Procedure of IVF Treatment

So, what exactly is involved in the process of vitro fertilization?

Well, first the ovaries are prepared for stimulation. Then the eggs are collected and fertilized. Finally the embryo is transferred.

Steps of IVF Treatment

Ovary preparation for stimulation 

  • Ovary preparation for stimulation
  • After that, she may be given ivf fertility drugs to activate the egg production
  • Multiple eggs are produced and used for fertilization later, as per the requirement
  • Trans-vaginal ultrasound is undertaken to study the ovaries
  • Blood test samples are taken to confirm hormone levels

Egg collection

  • Minor surgical procedure used involving ultrasound imaging
  • Inserting a needle through the vagina into each ovary
  • Eggs collected through the needle

Egg fertilization

  • A sample of sperm given by the male partner or donor
  • The sample combined with the eggs
  • The collected eggs mixed with partner (or donor) sperm, as the case maybe
  • Storage in a laboratory to encourage the fertilization process
  • In case the male partner has low sperm count, intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI technique might be needed — here, a single sperm is injected into the egg in an attempt to attain fertilization.
  • The fertilized eggs or the embryosallowed to grow in the lab for few days before getting transferred to the uterus

Embryo transfer

  • Best appearing embryos selected for transfer
  • Physician passes a small tube through the cervix into the uterus for transferring the embryos
  • The female can usually leave the clinic after a short rest
  • A successful implantation generally takes place around six to ten days following an egg retrieval

Results Of Treatment

At RISAA IVF, the success rate of the IVF treatment is 58 per cent as against a much lower worldwide average success rate of 40 per cent.

Moreover, our clinics have consistently achieved good clinical ivf pregnancy rates over the past years, compared to other IVF clinics.

Treatment at our clinic

Our clinics have been in service from past two decades and are well-known for successful IVF treatment. We first undertake all the necessary diagnostic tests to get a comprehensive picture of your ivf fertility potential.

Our experienced fertility experts maintain high priority in finding the cause of infertility to recommend the suitable treatment.

When proceeding with IVF in India, please be assured that the fertilization, development, and selection of embryos for transfer shall be performed at the best level of professional excellence.

We provide our patients with a fixed price ivf fertility treatment package, giving you a peace of mind and building trust. You in turn get a competitively priced first class treatment without the tension of any hidden costs.

The Assisted Reproductive Technology or the ART state-of-the-art laboratory at the RISSA IVF centre houses world-class equipment. It also has an array of specialized laboratory equipment primarily used for the IVF process.

Finally, in an IVF cycle, using the best-in-class stimulation and medication protocol is very close to our heart. We don’t compromise on quality and use only the best fertility drugs available in the market from global pharma majors such as Merck Serono and Ferring.

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