IVF egg donation

Everything you need to know about IVF egg donation in India

The term egg donation has become common today. The main reason is that many individuals or couples are looking for healthy eggs, which can help them have a baby. Best IVF clinics in Delhi have high-quality eggs which they can use if the need arises.

Generally, when the mother’s egg quality is poor due to age or other factors, doctors advise going for egg donation.

Who needs this?

Couples who want to have their kids but don’t have good eggs. Using the father’s sperm, the donor egg will fertilize to have a biological child. In some cases, the mother will have a uterus but not ovaries. Females with genetic disorders who don’t want to pass on their disease to their babies opt for this option. And finally, females who are above 40 years of age whose egg quality is bad – can have babies with the help of donor eggs.

Requirements to donate eggs

Like blood donation, donating eggs also have conditions. Women who donate their eggs undergo a series of tests. From psychological screening to ovarian reserve examination, the egg donor will get tested to see if she is a good fit. Generally, healthy women within 21 to 30 years of age are acceptable as egg donors.

The process of egg donation

Once the woman clears all the medical screening procedures, she will undergo the following steps in the donation process.

  • By nature, a woman releases only one egg per month. To make a woman release multiple eggs simultaneously, the administration of hormone injections occurs under the direction of doctors.
  • Once the medications make her eggs ready, the doctor will schedule the retrieval procedure.
  • Now, the egg donor will get sedatives. The doctor will use an ultrasound-guided needle to remove the egg from the mature follicle.

After this, the eggs will either get stored or used immediately for intended parents. The sperm of either the father or donor will fertilize this egg in the lab. This technique is in vitro fertilization (IVF). The embryo formed in the lab will get transplanted into the uterus of the mother.

Sources for IVF egg donation

There are commercial egg donor agencies that do the matching work of donors and recipients. But you can find this even in the best fertility clinic in Delhi from people who had excess eggs.

When choosing eggs from donors, intended parents have a choice. They can either choose fresh eggs from the new donation cycle or frozen eggs from the previous donation.

Factors for a successful egg donation

There is no single factor that affects the whole process. Factors like egg donor’s age, the extraction process, sperm quality, and the embryo recipient age play a major role in India’s IVF treatment success.

If you have further doubts, ask the best IVF specialists in India who have the right knowledge and experience to help you through the IVF treatment journey.

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