Why IMSI is the Best Procedure in IVF Treatment in India 

Introduction to IMSI Procedure 

IMSI is the abbreviated form of Intracytoplasmic Morphologically selected Sperm Injection. This technique is applicable in IVF treatment for the examination and selection of sperm with high-magnification and digital imaging type of microscope to micro inject in the egg. With the IMSI technique, experts delivering IVF treatment in India assess the sperm structure better and exclude the ones, which contain suspected variations from injecting in the eggs. 

Candidates Eligible for IMSI Procedure 

IMSI treatment procedure, according to experts imparting infertility treatment in India, is perfect for all men, who-

  • Possess sperm in abnormal shape in a relatively high proportion 
  • Possess low sperm count in a regular sperm sample 
  • Had poor outcomes associated with ICSI treatments in the past

Preliminary Steps to Conduct IMSI Procedure 

Our experts involved in infertility treatment in India conduct the following preliminary analysis before conducting the actual procedure. 

  • DNA fragmentation in high levels 
  • Increase in the sperm aneuploidy levels 
  • Regularity in the quality of eggs
  • Sustained abortions in the past
  • Patients with a background related to miscarriage
  • Deficiency in the sperm level followed by irregularity informed cells

Steps Involved in IMSI Treatment 

Experts providing IVF treatment in India follow the mentioned steps to perform IMSI treatment. 

Preliminary Selection of a Sperm Sample 

Doctors conduct a preliminary selection of sperm from the accumulated sample. The procedure is done using a microscope, which is about 15 times potent compared to a regular microscope. 

Internal Morphology of the Sperm 

The microscope will allow doctors to examine the sperm’s internal morphology. In this stage, the doctor discards the sperms immediately if they detect any type of abnormalities in them. 

Insertion of Normal Eggs 

Now, specialists imparting IVF in India select the normal sperms and place them inside a catheter. Later, they insert the normal sperms deep into the egg. 

Application of ICSI Procedure 

Finally, your doctor will micro inject the verified sperm sample into the egg by following the ICSI procedure. 

Why IMSI Treatment is Recommendable 

Dr. Rita Bakshi, the IVF specialist in India, recommend IMSI treatment because of the following reasons-

Increases Embryo Development and Fertilization 

IMSI treatment will increase your chance of normal embryo development and embryo fertilization, particularly among men with poor IVF outcomes with ICSI treatment in the past. Besides, IMSI is the right option for men who have large numbers of abnormal sperm. 

Allows the Identification of Sperms from the Available Sample 

IMSI procedure uses digital techniques to provide 6000 times magnification. In this way, specialists providing infertility treatment in India identify different sperms from the collected sample. Indeed, the procedure excludes abnormal sperms present in the sample for proper egg fertilization. Doctors later use the verified sperms sample to use in IVF or ICSI treatment to boost the complete process’s success probability. 

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