Embryoscope technology for successful pregnancies in India 

Assisted reproductive technologies have become advanced in recent years and continue to improve. ARTs help those women who cannot conceive due to any reason for becoming pregnant. IVF is the procedure through which the eggs extracted from the woman are fertilized by sperms in a culture medium. If cell divisions happen in the fertilized egg, it becomes an embryo. The embryo is put in an incubator.

The tools available in modern infertility clinics help infertile couples become parents with a lot more efficiency. Embryoscope is one such modern device available in any advanced fertility centre in Delhi. This technology is a breakthrough infertility treatment because it enhances the success rate of in-vitro fertilization or IVF. 


Features of Embryoscope Technology 

Embryoscope technology is used during the incubation period between fertilization and implantation in the uterus. The fertilized embryo is monitored round the clock using an embryo scope. There is no need to remove the developing embryo from the incubator. 

Embryoscope is a special type of incubator. It provides the ideal environment for the embryo to develop outside the female body and takes time-lapse digital images of the developing embryo. The digital camera of the embryo scope takes a digital image of the embryo every ten minutes. The multiple images are combined to make a time-lapse film. The time-lapse images enable the fertility specialist to monitor the progress of cell divisions and detect abnormalities. Computer algorithms are also used to monitor certain patterns and predict the future development of the embryo. An embryo scope has slots for up to 12 embryos. 

In the case of a conventional incubator, the embryo is removed from the incubator at fixed intervals to check its progress under a microscope. Embryoscope eliminates the need to expose the embryo to the outside environment and painstakingly use a microscope to make observations. The whole process is digital, with the embryo remaining in the incubator at all times. Many clinics engaged in IVF treatment in India are employing this technology.


Benefits of Embryoscope 

Embryoscope is a highly advanced method to monitor whether the embryo is developing normally or not. The information gleaned from the time-lapse images enables the specialist to decide whether or not the embryo will survive transfer and implantation into the uterus. 

Embryoscope provides the best way to select only those embryos with the highest chances of resulting in successful pregnancies. Couples producing multiple abnormal embryos get the best shot at pregnancy because the doctor can pinpoint the normal embryo with high accuracy. 

Embryoscope ensures that the embryo is kept in a controlled environment at all times. This is because there is no need to move the embryo for examination. This way, the embryo is kept clear of all risks associated with removing it from the incubator.

Multiple factors influence the result of an IVF cycle. However, selecting only the most viable embryos for transfer and implantation enhance the chances of a successful pregnancy manifold. Embryoscope makes the process of choosing viable embryos highly efficient.


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