G-Spot Amplification

G-shot or G-spot Augmentation

G-spot amplification also known as G-shot or G-spot augmentation is a minimally invasive, non-surgical intimate gynecology procedure to enhance the sexual gratification or sexual arousal of a woman by temporarily magnifying the sensitivity and size of the G-spot. 


G-spot is an erogenous area that lies somewhere 5-8 cm up the vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra. G-spot is somewhat of a made-up term and it was first described by Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, hence named Grafenberg spot (G-spot). It is an extremely sensitive area and a part of the female prostate system. As many women experience intense sexual arousal or orgasm by G-spot stimulation with vaginal penetration. It is assumed that the G-spot stimulation can enhance the sensitivity of the vaginal wall and therefore intensify the sexual pleasure for women.

G-shot or G-spot Amplification

It is a modern medical treatment developed by Dr. David Matlock, to enhance female sexual functions. Women who have a low or normal sexual function (for any reason) can improve their quality of sex with G-shot. As we know, the vaginal wall or mucosa is made of connective tissues which have collagen. It is supposed that restoring the collagen in G-spot will stimulate the enhancement of size and sensitivity of the area which will result in improved sexual reactivity. 

G-Spot Amplification​ or G-Shot

To increase the size and sensitivity of the G-spot, first, the G-spot is located, and then synthetic human collagen or hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the location of the G-spot in the front vaginal wall. The collagen or hyaluronic acid will accumulate more water or hydration in the tissues which will increase their volume and so it will enhance the size of the G-spot as well as sensitivity. Upon injection, the G-spot will become thicker.

What is the procedure?

The treatment will be performed during an outpatient appointment at your physician’s office. First, you’ll do a self-examination to locate your G-spot with the guidance of your physician. Then your physician will do a pap examination of your vaginal canal to locate the G-spot with the help of your instruction. You’ll have to guide the doctor, so he/she can take measurements of the G-spot. Once the G-spot is located and measured, the doctor will administer local anesthesia with the help of a needle using a specially designed speculum. Then collagen fillers will be injected into the located area. It will take less than 10 sec to inject the fillers and then a tampon will be inserted inside the vagina for a few hours. 

The whole procedure will take less than 30 mins, where most of the time taken is for examining and locating the G-spot. So it’ll be helpful if you are already aware of your G-Spot, if not, your physician will comfortably guide you to find your G-Spot. 

Post Treatment and Recovery Period: As it is a non-surgical process, no recovery time is required. It will be painless and scar free. You can leave the clinic on the same day after the treatment. However, your doctor will suggest you to not have sex for 2-3 days, so that the fillers can settle down. You should keep your intimate area clean and moisturized. And you should not take any blood thinning medication such as aspirin. 

You’ll start to notice the result within 2-3 days, but in 2-3 weeks you’ll reach it’s full potential. 

How long will the effect of G-Shot last?

The effect of fillers will last for 4-6 months depending on your physiology and how your body absorbs the injected collagen. Therefore the effectiveness of the treatment varies from person to person. In some cases, autologous fat can also be injected instead of collagen for a longer-lasting effect. 

Are there any risks of G-spot amplification? 

No, not necessarily. As collagen is naturally found in tissues of our body, it’ll not affect our body negatively. You’ll only feel some pressure inside your vagina for some days. No pain, no irritation, nothing. There are rare situations where infection might occur. And no it’ll definitely not affect your periods or fertility. 

Being said that, consult your doctor about the risks and complications of this procedure before giving your consent for treatment. 

Who is fit to get G-spot amplification? 

Sexually active women who have low or normal sexual reactivity can get this treatment to increase their sexual arousal and intensify orgasm. You should be mentally and physically prepared for the treatment. People who can not get treatment are: 

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers
  • Underage girls
  • If one has a vaginal infection or other sexual diseases

Advantages of G-Shot

  • Enhanced sexual arousal and pleasure
  • Tight vaginal canal
  • Increase lubrication, stability, and elasticity of the vaginal wall
  • Intensify orgasm and increases the frequency of orgasm
  • Increased libido
  • It can help with urinary incontinence 

Does it really work?

For once libido is a very personal and individualistic thing. But, for many women, G-shot has actually increased their sexual function. Some other options also exist to stimulate your G-spot and enhance sexual function.

At our clinic, we understand our clients’ needs and help to make them feel confident in their bodies. Our consultants provide you with the best options according to your needs and satisfaction. And we keep your privacy intact and make your treatment as comfortable as possible. 

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