IVF Treatment Success Rate

IVF Treatment Success Rate

In-vitro fertilization or IVF and other cities of India have proved to be a boon for many infertile couples who want to start their family. IVF treatment done by fertility centers in India refers to a process, which combines an egg from the body of a female with the sperm of a male outside of the body. The outcome of any IVF procedure may vary among couples and clinics both. However, based on our experience in IVF treatment in India, we have shared the following interesting facts about the treatment and its success rate on different couples.

When We Recommend for IVF

Dr. Rita Bakshi IVF specialist recommends IVF treatment to deal with infertility issues if either of the female or male partners has-

  • Low sperm count
  • Endometriosis
  • Problems related to fallopian tubes or uterus
  • Ovulation problems
  • Antibody issues, which may cause harm to eggs or sperm
  • When the sperm fails to survive or penetrate the patient’s cervical mucus
  • Poor quality of eggs
  • If either mother or father has any genetic problem
  • An unexplained kind of fertility issue

Parameter to Calculate IVF Success Rate

The success rate of the mentioned technology adopted by our IVF clinic in India is calculated according to the live birth rate, which is also known as live birth in a single embryo transfer.
Factors to Determine the Success Rate of IVF Treatment
The success rate of IVF Treatment in Delhi or any other Indian city imparted by Dr. Rita Bakshi depends on different factors. These include the following-

  • Overall infertility duration
  • Age of a female partner
  • Endometrial development
  • Whether you have primary type or secondary type of infertility
  • The underlying reason behind infertility
  • Quality of the egg, embryo, and sperm
  • Post transfer of Luteal phase

Considering the factors mentioned above, IVF type of infertility treatment in India has a success rate from a minimum of 50 percent to a maximum of 58 percent. On the other side, the IVF success rate is approximately 60 percent in women belonging to the young age group at a global level. Especially, women less than 35 years have a relatively high success rate.

What We Do to Enhance the Success Rate

As a reputed fertility clinic in Delhi of India, we have adopted the latest freeze-all technique to accomplish IVF treatment. These include

Freezing of IVF Instead of Eggs

According to ICSI treatment, our experts working under Dr. Rita Bakshi generate embryos after conventional IVF freezes instead of eggs. With the application of the mentioned latest reproductive technique, we have drastically boosted the success rate of IVF in India.

Endometrial Receptivity Analysis

Secondly, our gynecologists at the IVF center in India adopt the ERA technique to deal with patients with recurrent failure in the implantation process. An ERA is an acronym for Endometrial Receptivity Analysis. Here, the treatment involves the study of the endometrium of our patients at the molecular level.

PGS Treatment

Our fertility specialists in India are well aware that implantation, in most cases, fails during advanced maternal age because of the abnormalities present in embryos. In this situation, we recommend PGS, i.e., Pre-implantation Genetic Screening Treatment, to increase your chance related to implantation.

ICSI Treatment

Conventional IVF treatment may not give good results in particular couples. In such situations, we adopt ICSI treatment in Delhi and other Indian cities. ICSI is the abbreviated form of Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection. In this lab procedure, we select a single sperm and inject it directly into the egg with the help of a fine glass needle.


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