Varicocele Treatment

Varicocele and its Treatment! All you about to know.

What is Varicocele? Let’s discuss.

Varicocele occurs when the veins situated in the scrotum of the male body swell or get larger. The person may feel it like a bag of worms, and it is usually seen as above one of the testicles. It can be seen when a person with varicocele having stand up or lie down. This can be harmful and can lead a person to affect fertility and testicles issues. 

It is important to visit a doctor at a proper time. Otherwise, you must deal with infertility issues. but if there any person who is already dealing with a fertility problem can visit an IVF specialist in India

Signs and Symptoms of Varicocele: –

Varicocele may produce any signs or symptoms. But it can cause pain in the testicles. If a person is dealing with intense pain on the testicle, they should contact or reach his nearest IVF clinic in Delhi or India. The signs and symptoms are as given.

  • Swelling or enlargement in the scrotum
  • Visible twisted veins 
  • Pain in testicles
  • Massive pain when lying down or lie down on the back.
  • Fertility issues

The condition may cause a swollen testicle, mostly on the left side.

Factors Responsible for causing Varicocele treatment: –

The male spermatic cord comprises blood to your testicle part. Still, it is not clear why varicocele happens; however, many professionals use it to be deemed that the valve placed inside the veins preclude blood from flowing properly. The resulting impact as veins swelling and getting widen, and cause intense pain on testicles while doing any physical activity. 

Varicoceles mainly occurs during puberty state, and in most cases, it has been seen that varicocele occurs in the left testicular vein. If a person is getting a problem with varicocele or infertility issues, he can contact India’s nearest fertility centre.

Varicocele Treatment- is it possible to cure? 

Most males can be able to father a child without any treatment. Still, if your varicocele causes intense pain on the testicle and you are getting affected by it, you might have to undergo varicocele repair. In this surgery, the surgeon will seal the affected or blocked vein to redirect blood to flow in other veins. For male infertility issues, treatments like IVF in-vitro fertilization improve the quality and quantity of male sperm count.

You can easily book an appointment with your nearest IVF centre or any fertility centres in India.  Also, by repair method surgery, varicocele can be cured like

  • Open surgery 
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Percutaneous embolization

Remedies to get prevented from varicocele: –

If a person is dealing with varicocele but isn’t getting affected by it or feel less discomfort ay use supporters as supporters relief the pressure and also can take painkillers but not in as excessive amount these remedies can help if the person is getting minor affection but if you are getting serious issues like pain in testicles or swelling then definitely you should visits to any of IVF centres or if a person is dealing with infertility issues then he can visits to fertility centres in India as well as in Delhi for getting consultation before any serious health issue.

Complications regarding Varicocele: –

There is no major complication for varicocele, but yes, it can cause fertility issues. Infertility is known as a couple failing to have a child after trying at least for one or more year. For this, they can visit the nearest fertility specialist for a consultation. Many popular fertility specialists are in Delhi and all over India as well. Dr Rita Bakshi is one of the known fertility specialists with over 35 years of experience. 


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