O-Shot for female Sexual quality enhancement

O-Shot For Female Sexuality Enhancement

O-shot or orgasm shot is a proprietary technology that uses PRP therapy and tissue neo genesis to revive the sexual functions of a woman and help her to reach the ultimate sexual orgasm. 

If you are someone experiencing low libido, lack of sexual arousal, lack of orgasm, pain during sex, and lack of lubrication, then O-shot is for you. 

You see, as she age, a woman start to have unsatisfactory experience in her sexual life. It can be because of low estrogen levels, menopause, hormonal changes, physical changes, childbirth, etc. more often we are left with no solution for this problem, but O-shot can naturally improve your sexual life and also help you with stress urinary incontinence (urinary leakage). 

What is O-shot?

O-shot is an all-natural, non-surgical treatment for female sexual dysfunctions. In this treatment, PRP therapy is used to inject the sexually sensitive areas; the clitoris and upper vaginal area. The PRP therapy will stimulate tissues of the injected area for tissue regeneration and therefore it will increase the sensitivity and function of the area. 

What is PRP therapy? 

PRP is Platelet-rich Plasma, it is highly concentrated with growth factors for tissue neogenesis. PRP is prepared from a patient’s own blood for the treatment. Our plasma essentially contains multi-potent stem cells and growth factors that can stimulate the production of new tissues. This plasma and platelets are responsible for wound healing and clotting respectively.

For the preparation of PRP, blood is drawn from the patients and then it is centrifuged by double centrifugation until 5-6 times more platelet concentrated plasma (blood) is obtained. Then it is ready for PRP therapy. PRP therapy is approved for various treatments such as musculoskeletal injuries, and hair and facial cosmetic procedures. The use of PRP in gynecology and cosmetic gynecology is fairly new and revolutionary. 

How Does O-shot Work for Female Sexuality Enhancement? 

We know that the low sex drive and sexual dysfunction in women occur as they age due to changes in vaginal muscles and hormone levels. While hormonal changes can be corrected with medication, vaginal rejuvenation treatments are used to improve vaginal and urethral muscles. O-shot is also a vaginal rejuvenation treatment with PRP therapy. 

O-Shot For Female Sexuality Enhancement

Upper vaginal, near G-spot, and clitoris areas are injected with PRP. The stem cells and growth factors present in PRP will stimulate tissues to regenerate healthier tissues. The new tissue will tighten the vaginal skin, make the vagina plumper, and increase the sensitivity of the vaginal region. This will revitalize vaginal and clitoral functions, improving sexual functions and libido. 

What can be enhanced with O-shot?

4 in 10 women suffer from sexual arousal disorder and female orgasmic disorder, these conditions can be improved with O-shot. 

  • Furthermore, it can improve stress urinary incontinence by tightening the vaginal muscles
  • Enhanced sexual arousal and heightened sexual pleasure
  • Increases lubrication of the vagina hence helps with dryness and pain during sex
  • Help to improve clitoris orgasm and G-spot orgasm
  • Enhance vaginal sensitivity
  • Improve overall female sexuality and libido

The procedure of O-Shot and what can we expect

If you are considering this treatment consult with a qualified physician. The physician will do a comprehensive examination of your vagina, medical history, and medication. Accordingly, they will guide you through the treatment. 

This procedure is simple, non-surgical, and minimally invasive, and it can be performed at your doctor’s clinic in just one day. It will take 30 mins. On the day of treatment wear comfortable clothing. The procedure will follow these steps:

PRP preparation: The fresh blood will be collected from you for PRP preparation. 

Anesthesia: The doctor will apply a topical cream or local anesthesia to numb your clitoris and upper vaginal area. 

PRP Injections: After numbing the area, the doctor will directly inject the area with two PRP injections one by one. It will only take 5-10 mins. 

Recovery time: There is no downtime for O-shot treatment, and you can go home after treatment. However, refrain from sexual intercourse for 2-3 days. You might have to withdraw from blood thinning medications for a few days.

Results: You’ll start to feel the enhanced sexual sensitivity within a few weeks, but tissue regeneration could take 2-3 weeks and within 3 months your sexual functioning will start to peak. 

How long does the O-shot effect last? 

Usually, the effectiveness of an O-shot treatment lasts for 2 years. But it depends on the number of sessions and how your body reacts to the treatment. A follow-up session is suggested in 1-2 years to sustain the effects. 

Can I get this treatment?

Yes, if you are sexually active and experiencing decreased libido or sexual arousal – you can get this treatment. Moreover, if you’re suffering from minor urinary leakage (SUI) then you can also get this treatment. But if you are; pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a vaginal infection – then you can get this treatment. So, if you want to restore your sexual sensation, O-shot might be the answer for you. 

Any risks? You may ask.

Risks and Complications of O-shot

As PRP is prepared from your own blood, there are no side effects of the PRP. Instead, it has growth factors and healing capabilities to regenerate your damaged vaginal tissues. Post-treatment you’ll feel puffiness and pressure in your vagina, which will subside in a few days. A little bit of itching is normal following treatment. Furthermore, this treatment is non-surgical and performed under anesthesia so it’ll be pain-free. 

As this is a personal subject and big damage can be done in inexperienced hands, only consult a professional and experienced physician/doctor. 

At our clinic, we understand our clients’ needs and help to make them feel confident in their bodies. Our consultants provide you with the best options according to your needs and satisfaction. And we keep your privacy intact and make your treatment as comfortable as possible

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