Oligospermia Treatment

Oligospermia Treatment to Increase the Sperm Count in Men

Introduction to Oligospermia 

Oligospermia is associated with the problem of male fertility, and it characterizes low sperm count. According to the World Health Organization, sperm count should be equal to or more than 15 million sperm in one milliliter. If this value reduces, individuals have low sperm count, and doctors refer it to Oligospermia. 

Symptoms of Oligospermia 

According to doctors performing infertility treatment in Delhi, most men do not have any specific symptoms related to low sperm count. Instead, they identify this condition while identifying the reasons for which their female partners unable to conceive. However, in some cases, people notice a few warning signs to indicate various problems related to the male reproductive system. Major symptoms of the problem are-

  • Enlarging and swelling of the vein present in one’s scrotum 
  • Lumps, swelling, or pain in the area of testicles
  • Reduced hair in face and body areas along with other symptoms, which indicate imbalances of hormone
  • Thick discharge 
  • The inability of maintaining erection and other related ejaculation problems
  • Feeling of pain at the time of urination because of infections. 

A few of the men suffering from Oligospermia conceive even when they have low sperm counts. However, these people experience difficulty in fertilization. Even oligospermia patients require relatively more attempts than other couples who do not have any fertilization issue. On the other side, some Oligospermia patients do not face any issue with conception even when they have relatively low sperm count. 

Types of Oligospermia Treatment 

Oligospermia treatment intends to improve both the quality and number of sperms. Common treatment options include the following-


If any patient suffers from Oligospermia because of varicocele, doctors involved in infertility treatment in Delhi recommend surgery. At the time of the procedure, the doctor will close the enlarged veins to redirect blood flow from the surrounding vein. 


Experts involved in infertility treatment in India recommend antibiotics and other medicines to treat the problem of inflammation and other infections. Medications help in the prevention or at least reduction in the drop of sperm count. 

Lifestyle Changes 

Working on certain lifestyle factors is an effective Oligospermia treatment and thereby increases the sperm count. Common lifestyle changes in this case are-

  • Quitting the habit of smoking cigarettes 
  • Limit the intake of alcohol 
  • Reducing or managing stress 
  • Involve in regular exercise 
  • Intake healthy food 
  • Avoid too much consumption of OTC medicines. 
  • Avoid going in high temperatures. 
  • Increase the intake of calcium and other vitamins 

Hormone Treatment 

Doctors providing IVF treatment in India recommend varieties of hormonal injections and other related medications to restore the required hormone level to increase the sperm count. 

Assistant Reproduction Techniques 

IUI, IVF in India, or any other similar type of Assistant Reproduction Technique is also recommendable among patients with low sperm count problems. The main role of this technique is in embracing parenthood at the time of handling Oligospermia. Only, you have to select a reputed fertility clinic and discuss with a good fertility expert, like Dr. Rita Bakshi, to explore your available options. If you want to get a fast result (become a parent), you must approach an experienced fertility doctor as soon as possible. 

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