Testicular Biopsy

Why is Testicular Biopsy Recommendable, and how is it done?

Introduction to Testicle Biopsy

The testicle biopsy procedure involves collecting a sample of tissue from the testicle of a man to conduct laboratory analysis. Males have two testicles, which are their reproductive organs. These organs produce the sex hormone referred to as testosterone and sperm. The testicles remain present in the scrotum, I.e. a fleshy tissue pouch hangs below the penis.

Objectives of Testicular Biopsy 

According to the doctors conducting IVF in India, testicular biopsy is useful for-

  • Diagnosis of the condition and location of lumps present in testes
  • Diagnosis of the prime causes related to male infertility 
  • To collect sperm to conduct in vitro fertilization 

Types of Testicle Biopsy Procedure 

Doctors involved in conducting IVF in Delhi and other Indian cities suggest patients undergo two different types of testicular biopsy, which include-

Percutaneous Biopsy 

In the case of a percutaneous biopsy, doctors insert a thin biopsy needle into the skin. The needle collects a small testicular tissue by using a syringe present at its end. The procedure eliminates the need for any stitch or incision. Doctors even call it fine needle biopsy. Another variation of needle biopsy or percutaneous biopsy is a core needle biopsy. In this case, doctors use a spring-loaded hollow needle for extracting a cylinder consists of cells. Accordingly, a core sample is collected, which is a big specimen compared to the one collected from the fine needle biopsy. 

Open Biopsy 

An open biopsy is also known as a surgical biopsy. In this method, doctors start the procedure with a cut made on the skin and in the testicle of a patient. After this, they collect a small sample of tissue from the respective opening while apply stitches for closing the cuts. 

Procedure Involved in Testicular Biopsy

You have to visit a clinic or office of a doctor dealing with IVF treatment in Delhi or any other Indian city. The steps involved are as follows-


The doctor will insert an intravenous line in the patient’s arm before he or she starts the test. The sedative medicine is given just before one hour of the beginning of your diagnosis. 


Patients will lie on their back over the examination table. The doctor cleans the upper skin of your testicle by applying a suitable sterile solution and covers the area by using sterile cloth. The doctor conducts the present by wearing gloves, as no one must touch the respective testicle area. 

Local Anesthesia 

The doctor injects local anesthesia in the scrotum skin for numbing the area. 

Incision, Stitch and Bandage

Now, the doctor will make a small incision from the skin to remove a small testicular tissue piece. If the stitch is required, a single stitch may close the testicle incision, and another one is useful for closing the skin cut. However, the stitch does not need to remove, as the body will absorb it with time. Doctors may conduct the procedure in the second testicle as well. Finally, doctors bandage the scrotal area. 

Results of Testicular Biopsy 

The results obtained from testicular biopsy helps in figuring out various sperm-related problems. Depending on the outcomes only, doctors conducting biopsy recommend the type of treatment you need. In most cases, you get the result within two days to 4 days. 

Why Testicular Biopsy is Recommendable

Experts of infertility treatment in India recommend testicular biopsy diagnostic procedures to identify the underlying cause of infertility in males. The procedure is preferable when the mentioned cases are true-

  • The semen of a Male patient does not contain sperm.
  • Results of a man’s hormone test remain within the normal range.

However, the test is not recommended for identifying testicular cancer. Instead, if your doctor suspects cancer, you must undergo an open surgery procedure referred to as orchiectomy. A testicular biopsy is also recommendable to collect sperm for intracytoplasmic sperm injection or in vitro fertilization. 

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