Vaginal Rejuvenation with Laser

Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment with Laser

Vaginal Rejuvenation with laser is fairly a new term for many people as it mostly remains unexposed to the general public mainly because of the shame associated with it. It is also a less explored section of cosmetic gynecology. But, as modern women are becoming more sex-positive and exploring their sexual desires – cosmetic and intimate aesthetic gynecology has become a promising field. The procedures associated with this field of gynecology are not something that is medically necessary but rather for personal desires – one such procedure is vaginal rejuvenation. 

After a certain age, especially after childbirth or hitting menopause, a woman’s genitalia starts to become loose. Because of this, they don’t enjoy sex like before. On top of that, they suffer from other vaginal and urinary conditions like – stress urinary incontinence, dryness, burning, irritation, lack of lubrication, painful intercourse, pain during urination, urinary tract infection, etc. 

The reasons for these diminished vaginal and urinary functions are quite obvious. A woman, throughout her life, goes through various hormonal and physical changes which can affect her vaginal, and urethral tissues. These stretched-out tissues make the vagina loosen. Certainly, this affects the quality of life for a woman in many ways. 

Laser Treatment for Vaginal Revitalization

Vaginal rejuvenation can be done both surgically and non-surgically. Previously, most procedures used to be surgical but with the latest energy-based technology,  it is possible to have a lesser invasive non-surgical procedure with laser or radiofrequency. Besides, for some people dealing with a surgery can be threatening, and it takes more time to recover from surgical procedures. And also, hormonal treatments e.g. estrogen is not a fitting choice for everyone. For these reasons, the use of lasers is preferable for vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Comparatively, Laser-based treatments are less painful and invasive. 

Laser therapy is used for vaginal tightening, and helps with genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM), urethral incontinence, and vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA). Lasers have been in use for vulvar hair removal. it can improve your life and quality of sex even after pregnancy, menopause, and any genital procedures. 

How do Lasers work to improve genital functions? 

Lasers like carbon dioxide laser, core intima laser, and/or Erbium YAG laser are used for vaginal tissue neogenesis. These lasers have been extensively used in different cosmetic procedures. The radiation from the laser is absorbed by vaginal walls causing micro-contusions on vaginal mucosa which triggers or stimulates new collagen production in the connective tissues. It also increases the blood flow to the vaginal walls. This new collagen production shrinks and tightens the tissues of the genitalia. With tissue neogenesis, the vagina regains its hydration and becomes nourished. And the vagina gets more toned and tightened. It also rejuvenates the tissues on the bladder neck and urethral wall for treating mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence.

Erbium YAG laser is preferable compared to carbon dioxide laser because it has just the right wavelength of energy required by the genital tissues for collagen remodeling, and therefore reduces the unwanted heat/energy dissipation. It is 13 times more efficient and precise than that of a carbon dioxide laser. 

Advantages of Vaginal Rejuvenation

A woman can have vaginal rejuvenation treatment either for cosmetic and intimate aesthetic (increase sexual satisfaction) reasons or for treating some genital condition. These are the advantage that vaginal rejuvenation treatment can offer;

  • It improves circulation, lubrication, tone, sensitivity, and elasticity of the vagina. 
  • reduces dryness, and pain during intercourse
  • Increase sexual pleasure during intercourse
  • restore pH of the vagina, hence might lower the chances of infections
  • Helps with stress urinary incontinence (SUI) after childbirth
  • Help menopausal women to get back their sexual gratification without hormones and surgeries
  • Improve overall vaginal and urethral functioning
  • Enhances vulvar aesthetics.

Who can get laser vaginal rejuvenation therapy?

Any woman who wants to improve her vaginal and urethral function for any reason can get this therapy. However, it should be only performed by an experienced specialist and only your gynecologist can decide whether you are fit for this treatment or not through a comprehensive medical examination. 

Procedure for Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy

If you, for any reason, want to have a vaginal rejuvenation treatment, you should talk to your gynecologist about the procedure and if you can get it or not. Your doctor will do extensive examinations from blood, and urine tests to other screenings like ultrasound. Based on your reports he/she will decide if you can have vaginal revitalization therapy or not. Furthermore, If you are about to get the treatment, your doctor will ask you about your medication (if you are under any medication), so they can decide whether to continue or pause it, during the treatment. 

The procedure for this treatment is very simple and it can be performed during an outpatient appointment. It can be performed with or without anesthesia. During the treatment, your bladder should be empty and you’ll have to lie on a bed with your legs wide open. The doctor will insert the laser device inside your vaginal canal and it will do its job by sending pulses to the vaginal walls. The procedure can take from 10 mins to 40 mins depending on why you are getting this treatment. For example, treating the labia majora and minora hardly take 10 mins. After treatment, you can go on with your day pretty much normally. 

The procedure doesn’t require recovery time, but you’ll have to refrain from sexual intercourse and inserting anything inside your vagina for 5-6 days. Accordingly, the treatment is not performed during or around the time of your menstruation.

The whole treatment usually takes 2-3 rounds, 4-6 weeks apart. But it all depends on your specific needs, therefore it varies accordingly. Sometimes, people start to see desired results after only one treatment. 

Risk of Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy

These are some post-treatment side effects you might feel;

  • Slight redness and swelling – which can be treated with ice and some ointments
  • Itchiness 
  • And a little bit of vaginal pressure and discomfort for a few days. 

Talk to your doctor about the risks and side effects, and get the prescribed medication for the same. 

As this field of medical procedure is still under research for long-run effectiveness and risks, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you feel any serious side effects immediately contact your doctor. The potential risks of vaginal rejuvenation with a laser include scarring, adhesion, etc. 

So, before going for a vaginal rejuvenation treatment in Delhi research about it, discuss it with your doctor, and only seek this treatment from a qualified and experienced health center.

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