IVF is the most familiar name among couples or individuals fighting against infertility. In Vitro Fertilization, aka IVF, is a fertility treatment assisted by modern medical minimally-invasive techniques.  

Infertility or reduced fertility can arise from many underlying reproductive issues in men and women. It is an inability to conceive a pregnancy, even after regular intercourse for more than a year. Pregnancy in humans is achieved when sperm (from male) inseminate an egg ( from female) inside the uterus. The fertilized egg grows as an embryo, which will implant on the uterine wall for further development. Any disruption in the following process can lead to infertility. Around 30% of women experience infertility or reduced fertility without any obvious reason. 

Many couples struggle alone and wait too long before consulting a doctor for their infertility. Remember, your reproductive health declines with age; if you wait longer, the ‘reduced fertility’ may develop into ‘severe infertility.’

So, is IVF the only option? Can I avoid IVF treatment? What is IVF? Do I need IVF treatment for conception? – you might be thinking. 

Hold your questions, and continue reading this post to get all your answers. 

What is IVF Treatment for Infertility?

In IVF treatment, the egg is fertilized outside the uterus in a laboratory; when it develops into a multi-cellular embryo, it is put back inside the uterus for implantation. Basically, IVF assists with the process of fertilization, embryo development and implantation. It doesn’t necessarily treat the underlying infertility factor but helps patients overcome the infertility barrier and achieve pregnancy – eventually having a baby. 

Why and When IVF is Needed? 

Often, patients try to avoid IVF treatment for various reasons. While there do exist other fertility treatments like fertility drugs and IUI, these treatments aren’t always successful. 

For instance, if a woman has a mild ovulatory disorder, fertility drugs might help her with ovulation, and she can conceive naturally. If her male partner has low sperm count and motility, then IUI treatment with fertility medications might bring them results. However, if a woman has damaged fallopian tubes or endometriosis or ovarian insufficiency, or maybe her partner has severe male infertility; in that case, low-complexity fertility treatment (e.g. IUI) cannot help them with complex Infertility issues. 

So, definitely try first-line fertility treatment, such as fertility medication or IUI. Still, if unsuccessful, IVF may be your ultimate option, Because IVF can aid with a wide range of complex infertility issues. Moreover, other assisted reproductive techniques, namely ICSI, PGT/PGS, PESA/TESA, PICSI, vitrification, laser-assisted hatching, etc., can complement IVF treatment. 

Yes, donor eggs or sperm are always an alternative choice. But, for Infertile couples who want to have their own kids, IVF may be the answer. 

IVF is a potential choice in the following situations: 

How is IVF treatment performed? 

IVF is a complex procedure involving various steps. The IVF process involves the following steps: 

Advantages of IVF Treatment

There are numerous advantages of the IVF procedure over other low-complexity treatments. 

Success Rate of IVF Treatment 

Although higher than other fertility treatments, the success rate of IVF treatment is a varying factor. It differs from person to person depending on the; 

Complications and Drawbacks of IVF Treatment 

IVF treatment has some rare complications and drawbacks, but an experienced IVF treatment expert can minimize the chances of complications by taking necessary precautions throughout the procedure. 

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