Surrogate Packages

Surrogate Packages

IFC’s surrogacy packages are meant to offer our Intended Parents a comprehensive plan including as many “extras” which are otherwise charged by other clinics. IFC believes in providing you with excellent success rates and premium care as well as providing value, a realistic budget, transparency, and peace of mind. Our experienced specialists, staff, and client managers are all here to assist you at each step of the way with integrity and a direct approach. It is our hope to help you build your long desired family and to make the process as smooth as possible.

Surrogacy Packages in India Inclusions

  Egg Donor

  Egg donor Stimulation – Consultations, Injections, Medications

  Follicular Monitoring for Egg Donor – Consultations, Scans

  Egg retrieval Fees (clinic, doctors, surgeons, products)

  Egg donor post-operative care

  Sperm Donor – Consultations, Medications, Tests

  Sperm washing and analysis

  Embryo Tests and Processing

  Blastocyst Culture

  ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

  IVF Procedure (clinic, doctors, medications, products)

  Multiple Embryo Transfers

  Surrogate preparation / medication

  Surrogate Post ET and Emergency Care

  Surrogate and her coordinator compensation

  Antenatal Care / all medications / tests / scans for the surrogate

  Surrogate – 24/7 access to Doctors

  Surrogate monthly scans and reports

  Fetus Abnormality Test or Triple Test

  Surrogate counseling and special care and diet for 9 months

  Surrogate Monthly expense allowance for her and family

  Background check for Surrogate and psychological screening

  Gestational Surrogacy Agreement

  Legal Contracts

  Birth Certificate of the baby(ies) and all birth related documents

  Freezing embryo sample(s) for 1 year

  Freezing semen sample for 1 year

  Administrative Costs and All Medical Reports

  Frozen Embryo Transfers included

  Complete guidance through entire process, including transportation, lodging and logistics, and exit advice from our patient care manager

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