Semen Analysis Test Price
Semen Analysis Test Price

The A semen analysis test is important for treating infertility. Risa IVF recognizes the importance of this test. They work to keep costs reasonable. This helps your dreams of becoming parents are not hindered by financial limitations.

Analysis of Semen: 

The seminal fluid is a yellowish-pale fluid made up of different components that is secreted by the penis. Sperm cells, which resemble tadpoles, and semen, which is expelled after ejaculation, are both present in this fluid.

The genetic material needed for fertilization is abundant in semen. Other ingredients in the fluid lubricate the urethra and facilitate semen deposition at the vaginal opening. These extra materials include vitamins, minerals, and proteins, all of which help the sperm cells.

Why Is a Semen Analysis Test Necessary? 

A semen sample is examined under a microscope in a laboratory setting during a semen analysis test price, often known as a sperm count test. This test evaluates a man’s sperm viability and health, which is important information for figuring out fertility. It gives details about the quantity, morphology, and motility (or ease of movement) of the sperm.

Why Would I Need It?

One of the first tests an infertility expert could recommend if you and your partner are having trouble conceiving is a semen analysis. The Although problems with sperm production are often the cause of male infertility, problems with female infertility can also emerge from either partner.

Semen Analysis Test Preparation:

Providing a sample of semen is the first step in a semen analysis test. The physician will give detailed instructions, which might consist of the following: 

Abstinence: Refrain from ejaculating for a minimum of 24 to 72 hours before the examination. This entails waiting two to three days before engaging in any sexual activity or masturbating. A semen sample should ideally be taken as soon as possible after the last ejaculation, preferably within two days and no later than seven. 

Substance Avoidance: For at least two to five days before the test, abstain from caffeine, narcotics, and alcohol.

Medication Modifications: Before the test, you may need to cease taking some drugs, such as hormone therapies. Your physician will provide advice on whether to change your medicine, boost your dosage, or keep taking it as is. Never stop taking any prescription medicine without first talking to your doctor. 

Supplement Disclosure: Let your physician know if you use over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, or supplements. 

Health Conditions: Let your doctor know if you’ve recently become sick or had a high temperature. 

Heat Exposure: Two to three months before the test, stay away from hot tubs, vehicle seat warmers, and high-heat work situations if you routinely use them.

What Happens in a Semen Analysis Test?

You will be required to ejaculate into a sterile collection cup to get a clean sample for the semen analysis test price. Sperm typically needs to be checked immediately to avoid dying, hence the sample is typically taken in a lab private room. You might be told to thoroughly wash your hands to avoid infection. To guarantee precise outcomes, follow these guidelines:

Steer Clear of Lubricants: Saliva and lubricants can harm sperm, so avoid using them during the test. 

Complete Collection: Make sure you gather all of the semen samples, leaving no space for contamination. 

Health Condition: Verify that you won’t be unwell while the test is administered. Since sperm count varies daily, you may be asked to submit two or more samples over several weeks.

Benefits of Choosing Risa IVF for Your Semen Analysis Test

  1. Affordable Rates: At Risa IVF, we believe in ensuring accessibility to fertility evaluations without financial barriers. Our semen analysis test is competitively priced to accommodate all budgets.
  2. Expert Oversight: Our semen analysis test is conducted by seasoned professionals, ensuring accurate and dependable results. You can rely on our team for guidance throughout the process.
  3. Comprehensive Assessment: Our semen analysis evaluates various semen parameters, providing a holistic assessment of male fertility. This thorough evaluation ensures comprehensive consideration of all fertility aspects.
  4. Personalized Support: Recognizing the uniqueness of each couple’s journey, we offer personalized care and assistance throughout the evaluation process, ensuring comfort and informed decision-making.

Semen Analysis Test Price at Risa IVF

For many couples having fertility examinations, one of their main concerns is the cost of a semen analysis test price. This test is available at Risa IVF at a reasonable price, with a starting point of INR 600. Our commitment to removing financial barriers and guaranteeing access to essential reproductive care is demonstrated by our reasonable prices.


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