PCOS Treatment

PCOS is a thriving modern hormonal disorder. It is well known for causing infertility among young women. Women with Polycystic ovarian syndrome have higher testosterone levels and androgens (male reproductive hormones) than normal. This hormonal imbalance can lead to ovulation disorder and vice versa. Almost 10% of women suffer from PCOS globally, and the cases are rising. 

There is no explicit cure for PCOS. However, it can be managed and possibly reversed over time because it is a hormonal disorder. Hormonal balance may restore with the help of medication and lifestyle modification, and ultimately PCOS and its symptoms will reverse. For instance, infertility in women caused by PCOS can be overcome by fertility treatments. 

Symptoms of PCOS

Several women suffering from PCOS go undiagnosed until they try to get pregnant and face fertility issues. Here are some PCOS symptoms you should look out for: 

  • Irregular and abnormal periods and menstruation cycle
  • Hirsutism; abnormal hair growth on the face and body
  • Infertility or not being able to get pregnant 
  • Hair thinning and male pattern hair loss
  • Sudden and excessive weight gain
  • Skin problems like acne, dark patches, dryness, etc
  • High cholesterol level, high blood sugar level 
  • Sleep disorder 

If you experience these symptoms, visit an OB/GYN and fertility treatment center as soon as possible. 


To investigate your symptoms, the doctor will suggest the following tests;

  • Pelvic exam
  • Abdominal Ultrasound; to discover polycystic ovaries
  • Blood tests for androgen levels, testosterone levels, insulin, lipid profile, CA 125, etc. 

After analyzing your test results, consult your doctor for a treatment plan if you have PCOS. 

Untreated PCOS can lead to other health complications such as endometrial cancer, type 2 diabetes, infertility, depression, etc. Therefore it should be treated to prevent other potential health issues. 

Treatment for PCOS

Talk to your doctor about your goal, like pregnancy (if you want to conceive) or excessive hair growth control, to make a specific treatment plan. 

Lifestyle management; Weight, diet, and exercise

For any treatment plan with PCOS, You have to make some healthy lifestyle changes. Losing some weight can improve hormonal imbalance and symptoms in overweight women. It also regulates ovulation and insulin levels. 

The high blood sugar level of PCOS patients can be managed with a low GI diet. Exercising also helps you to lose weight and lower blood sugar levels. 

Stress management is also recommended to manage cortisol levels and other hormones. 

To Regulate Menstruation 

Birth control pills contain estrogen and progestin, which helps to control hormonal imbalance in women with PCOS. It also promotes ovulation and hence regulates periods. Progestin may also prevent uterine cancer. 


  • Metformin is used to lower insulin levels and prevent type 2 diabetes in Women with PCOS. 
  • Eflornithine and Depilatories for excessive hair growth. 
  • Acne treatment. 

Fertility Treatments 

Women with PCOS often struggle to bear children independently and require fertility help. If you are trying to conceive with PCOS, your doctor may prescribe you these fertility drugs to encourage ovulation; 

  • Clomid
  • Femara 
  • Injectable Gonadotropin shots 
  • Metformin can be used with Clomid to increase the effect

Dosage and timing are crucial for this fertility plan. You’ll be suggested to have sexual intercourse during ovulation to increase the chances of conception. The time of ovulation is determined by your cycle, medications, hormonal levels (blood tests), and Ultrasound. 

Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling

It is a minor surgical procedure performed by fertility experts to promote ovulation. A small incision is made into your abdomen to insert a laparoscope inside. A needle or laser is used to treat cystic follicles, which promotes hormonal balance for ovulation. 

If medicines and surgery fail to get you pregnant, your doctor will suggest; Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ARTs). 

In ARTs the egg is artificially Fertilized employing assisted insemination. 

IUI Treatment 

In Intrauterine Insemination treatment you’ll be given fertility medications (as mentioned above) to control your ovulation and promote the production of more eggs during ovulation. A sperm sample is inserted inside your uterus with a tube to bring about fertilization. 

Your doctor will monitor your hormonal level and ultrasound reports to predict the time of ovulation. When the time of ovulation is closing, you’ll have to get an HCG trigger shot 36 hours before the IUI treatment. 

IUI doesn’t always work out, and IVF is considered the most suitable treatment for fertility with PCOS. 

IVF Treatment 

In Vitro Fertilization is almost similar to IUI, except the fertilization is carried out outside the uterus. 

The ovaries are stimulated with injectable medications and mature eggs are retrieved from the ovaries through a minor surgery for fertilization. 

Egg(s) and collected sperm(s) are fertilized in a laboratory and monitored in an ideal environment till embryo(s) develop up to the blastocyst stage. The embryo(s) are then returned to the uterus for hopeful implantation. After 2 weeks, a pregnancy test can be done. 

IVF treatment is highly successful for Women with PCOS. The success rate for IVF in Delhi is 70% which is above average. 

IVF clinics in Delhi are experts in IVF treatment for PCOS and other Infertility conditions. 

ICSI Treatment 

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a revamp IVF treatment where sperm is injected inside an egg to accelerate fertilization. ICSI increases the chances of fertilization and may reduce the possibility of chromosomal abnormalities. 

Surrogacy Treatment 

Surrogacy is considered if a woman has a severe case of PCOS and infertility and cannot get pregnant through any fertility treatment. Surrogacy treatments are available in Delhi for women with severe PCOS, pregnancy complications, and other medical conditions. 

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