Natural IVF Cycle

Natural IVF Cycle

Natural IVF Cycle Complete Guide, Ideally the higher chances of getting pregnant for a woman are generally in her late teens or late twenty. It has been estimated that fertility rate in most of the women start to decline from their mid-30s onwards and continue to decline until they reach the premenopausal stage ( mid 40s). However with the recent advancement and clinical trials in assisted reproductive technology, it is no longer an unthinkable affair to become pregnant between the age of 40 -45. Infertility treatments involve several options, out of which Natural Cycle IVF has proven to be one of the eminent one.

Natural cycle IVF has recently made a reemergence, gaining worldwide attention as an alternative to conventional IVF for both normal and poor responders. Natural cycle IVF or “Natural IVF’’ has made pregnancy easier and safer by that minimizing the dosage of fertility drugs and over stimulating hormones. Natural Cycle IVF relies solely on natural development of egg and works with the woman’s own natural cycle without the implementation of follicle-stimulating hormones that boost egg production and induce ovulation.


It has been estimated that 99% of women’s body naturally matures only one egg at a time (each month).If natural fertilization occurs; the egg transforms to an embryo and attaches to the uterine wall. The procedure aims at successful production of viable eggs at the end of each woman’s menstrual cycle that may result in higher rate of fertilization within her. 

  • Natural IVF cycle process starts with number of injections that triggers ovulation and stimulate the ovary to produce multiple eggs.
  • You will receive daily injections along with a small amount of gonadotropin medication towards the end of the cycle to prevent early ovulation.
  • You will be monitored in a natural cycle with ultrasounds and blood tests in order to track the growth of the dominant follicle. 
  • This procedure takes place in the operating theatre and executed under light sedation. Hence it is completely painless.
  • Natural IVF has been considered as a more holistic approach to solving the issue of infertility by several patients.

Why Natural IVF Cycle is better than any other conventional IVF?

Natural IVF or Natural Cycle IVF is a technique that works in its own unique protocol amidst the woman’s natural cycle and utilizes fewer fertility drugs in contrast to the traditional IVF.

Conventional IVF uses a subsequent dosage of fertility drugs to “down-regulate” the menstrual cycle before restarting it, followed by the implementation of stimulating agents to induce follicles (immature egg cells).Moreover in Natural IVF method you will only need to visit clinic not more than three days whereas in Conventional IVF you have to make 9 – 12 visits in order to stimulate egg production and maturation of multiple egg follicles.


natural ivf cycle


Who are best suitable for Natural Cycle IVF?

Natural IVF can be the right option for:

  • Women who simply want to limit the dosage of drug administration during fertility treatment. 
  • Women who do not produce sufficient egg follicles when stimulated by hormones. 
  • Women who are diagnosed with high risk for OHSS, such as PCOS patients.
  • Couples with infertility due to male factor, natural cycle IVF can provide an opportunity for successful fertilization through ICSI and at the same time avoid multiple pregnancies and unnecessary alternatives for assisted pregnancy.

Pros of Natural Cycle IVF

  • Natural cycle IVF is considered to be appealing to many couples who wish to avoid the use of medications to stimulate egg production.
  • Natural cycle IVF process offers an unique treatment with fewer medication, fewer side effects, and fewer office visits (all of which leads to less stress). 
  • Natural cycle IVF is a less expensive procedure as compared to stimulated IVF.
  • Natural IVF works perfectly even for older women and women with fertility problems like OHSS .
  • Natural cycle IVF minimizes the production of excess embryos and eliminates multiple pregnancies.

Cons of Natural Cycle IVF

  • Natural cycle IVF is usually not recommended for women with irregular or absent menstrual cycles.
  • The chance of having a baby with Natural cycle IVF is 7-10 percent per cycle.
  • Viability of eggs depends entirely on the pattern of your menstrual cycle, which may lead to uncertainty and stress.
  • Pregnancy success rates are significantly lower than that of traditional IVF.
  • Successful egg retrieval may require multiple attempts, driving up costs and increasing stress
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