In case you or your partner are struggling to conceive, you’d probably come across the term IVF. IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is a type of assisted reproductive technique in which an egg is artificially fertilized with sperm in a laboratory setting. IVF is the most operative ART treatment as it serves to help many people with a wide variety of infertility factors. 

But, while seeking fertility treatments, people often wonder ‘whether IVF is only and the best option for them?’ 

It is good to question and perceive different options regarding anything, especially medical treatments. After all, it can change your life’s trajectory. And when it comes to fertility treatments, they not only can be emotionally but also financially investing. 

So, is IVF treatment the best cure for infertility? Is IVF treatment your only option? 

First up, let’s understand why IVF is needed. 

Why is IVF Treatment needed? 

Infertility is a common problem caused by various physical, environmental and genetic factors. Approximately 15-20% of the world population suffers from infertility. When a couple or individual cannot achieve pregnancy even after regular intercourse, the condition is known as infertility. Both men and women can have infertility or fertility issues. 

There are many treatments available for infertility depending upon whether it’s a male factor or female factor infertility and the root cause. Fertility treatments can either cure infertility or assist with conceiving a child. The treatment plan is always based on the correct diagnosis and severity of infertility. 

The treatment option available for infertility are namely; 

Based on the diagnosis, your doctor may suggest one or a combination of treatments. IVF is most practised out of all fertility treatments because it can be helpful with various infertility factors in both men and women. 

Infertility factors that can be overcome with IVF treatment are: 

In women  In men
Fallopian tube damage or blockage Low sperm count; oligospermia
Ovulation disorder Low sperm motility; asthenospermia
Severe endometriosis and uterine fibroids Ejaculation disorders
Poor ovarian reserve and premature ovarian insufficiency Erectile dysfunction
Very poor egg quality Azoospermia
Age  Epididymal tubal blockage
Genetic abnormalities Genetic abnormalities
Previous tubal ligation  Vasectomy
Medical conditions like genital TB, HIV, autoimmune disorders, semen allergy, celiac disease, etc.  Varicocele and medical conditions such as HIV, etc. 
Fertility preservation for cancer or other medical conditions Fertility preservation for cancer or other medical conditions
Recurrent miscarriages
Unexplained infertility Unexplained infertility 


How and why IVF is best to cure infertility

Although fertility drugs and IUI treatment are first-line treatments for infertility, they aren’t always helpful. For instance, if a woman has a tubal blockage, then IUI or fertility medication cannot establish a pregnancy since the eggs and sperm may not even be able to meet for fertilization. In cases like these, IVF treatment is best effective since the eggs are directly retrieved from the ovaries and are fertilized with sperm outside the uterus. 

Achieving pregnancy is a complex and sensitive biological or reproductive process; any obstruction at any step of the process can hinder you from getting pregnant. However, the complexity and various steps involved in IVF treatment allow us to overcome many hurdles coming our way in getting pregnant. For this reason, IVF is considered the best fertility treatment. 

IVF is the best fertility treatment because: 

More than one or two reasons make IVF an optimal choice for fertility treatments; however, your doctor will always provide you with options if other treatments, such as IUI, can be effective for you. You’ve every right to ask for options and pick what’s best for you, but always follow your doctor’s guidance. Sometimes, IVF is inevitably the only and the best option for patients to get pregnant. 

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