Egg freezing

Why do fertility specialists in India approve of egg freezing?

If you have noticed, the trend of freezing eggs has been becoming popular lately. Many women choose for personal or medical reasons to freeze their eggs to have a baby when they want. That’s why many fertility centers in India have started to provide this option for a reasonable price.

The process of egg freezing is simple. IVF specialists in India will take the eggs of the women from their ovaries. Then, using modern technology, they will safely freeze them. This means that a woman can have her baby any time she wants without any fear.

This technique helps a woman to be free from her biological clock. But there’s more. Below are some of the benefits that you can get from freezing your eggs.

Say no to the limited egg supply.

When women are born, their bodies will have eggs that will last till menopause. After that, almost no eggs are present in the ovaries. It is easy to fertilize these eggs during the women’s 20s and 30s. But the chances drop above the 40s mainly because the number of eggs reduces in the ovaries. With fewer eggs in the body, the chances of having children become slim. But storing it by egg freezing makes the eggs available even if your body doesn’t have them.

Availability of quality eggs

As women age, not only the number but the quality of the eggs starts to diminish. This is another reason why having children in their late 30s or above is a problem. But when you take and store the eggs in the early years of the woman, the chances of success are high.

Helps you to reach goals

Some women love being a mother but have careers to focus on. Rather than juggling both of them, they choose to wait to have babies. For women who don’t want to sacrifice motherhood’s joy but willing to have it later – the egg freezing technique is a good option. Yes, this technique allows a woman to have youth’s joys even if her age says otherwise.

Less complicated than embryo freezing

Both embryo and egg freezing are excellent ways when planning for a baby later. But the complications are a little higher in embryo freezing than in egg freezing. Mainly because the embryo is a cluster of cells that will form the baby. But an egg is a single cell that needs in-Vitro fertilization before it can become a baby. That’s why storing an egg is easy and can produce higher results than embryos.

Either way, you can get success if you choose the right IVF clinic in Delhi.


As you can see, egg freezing is proving to be an efficient and promising way to have babies when you want to. Don’t let the pressure of your body’s biological clock dictate your life. Either for personal or medical reasons, make sure to find the right specialists to do the job.


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