Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, IVF procedures are now more common and easier to do than they were about ten years ago. Still, this doesn’t make it any less important to live a healthy life before and after IVF treatment. Couples should plan for IVF so that everything goes smoothly and they have a baby.

So, what are the rules that must be followed to the letter when getting IVF treatment? After our women’s fertility clinics, one of the best IVF clinics, helped several couples in Delhi become parents through IVF procedures, it is now our job to teach our patients. Okay, so let’s get started:

All About the Safety Measures in Place During IVF
All About the Safety Measures in Place During IVF


Accept our sincere congratulations on making the courageous decision to pursue in vitro fertilization. Unfortunately, because there is a lot of false and misleading information online, most patients have a skewed idea of the safety precautions that should be taken before IVF. In truth, all you’d have to do is follow the instructions of your fertility specialist, and they’ll take care of your health and treatment. Also, a specialized fertility doctor at RISAA, the best IVF center, recommends the following activities to help you prepare for surgery:

Don’t freak out:

We understand that there are moments when you can feel worried, but please keep in mind that worrying won’t solve anything. Therefore, you should meditate instead if you want to end your worries and get yourself ready for the big event.

Healthy Diet :

Consume a healthy diet that will allow you to maintain your current level of health. Using fast food, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products should be minimized. Instead, talk to your gynecologist about your nutrition and discuss folic acid supplements while you’re there.

Proper Medication:

Your fertility doctor at any women’s fertility clinic will give you medicine to get you ready for the treatment. However, never forget to take your prescription, and if you have any concerns about the medications you are currently taking, talk to your fertility specialist about possible alternatives.

Stay fit:

To maintain a lighter tone in your body, go for walks around the park and engage in mild exercise.


Following your women’s fertility clinic doctor’s orders to the letter are the only thing that matters. Remember that your fertility doctor would not have advised you or given you unusual instructions unless there was a good reason for it. Therefore, you should consult your fertility specialist before departing from the authorized procedures. Your anxiety over the next two weeks after the embryo transfer is understandable. Remember that the outcome is ultimately up to Mother Nature, but that you can still make a difference:

Stay away from activities that are hard on your body:

Women’s fertility clinics suggest that for the next two days, you shouldn’t run, jog, or swim, and you shouldn’t lift heavy things. On the other hand, you can stay in bed for a while. You may always go about your daily routine without worrying about exerting yourself physically.

Routines in daily life:

When the mother drinks a lot of alcohol and coffee, she and the baby are more likely to have a miscarriage or other health problems. Try to abstain from things like smoking, drinking, and drug use. They are not expected to help with your anxiety or the likelihood of IVF success.

Put off sexual activity:

Please refrain from having any sexual encounters until the two-week waiting period has passed. Most women’s fertility clinics advise against having sexual relations. After IVF, the ovaries need time to rest and heal, and preventing vaginal infections is one way to help them do that. Talk to our in-house fertility specialist in Delhi, RISAA IVF, the best IVF Center, for more information on what to do and what not to do during IVF treatments.

Maintain a positive attitude:

Stay consistent with your regularly scheduled activities. Be who you are and keep a positive attitude by keeping a humor journal, watching comedies online, or reading humorous books. To sum up, maintain the most positive attitude of mind at all times.

Not everything you hear is true:

You’ll likely be bombarded with comments and advice from friends and coworkers. Unfortunately, more than half of these beliefs are untrue misconceptions, such as the ones that say spotting means the end of the IVF treatment or that even a slight cough can cause the embryo to slip out. So ignore these well-meaning but unnecessary pieces of advice and see what happens.

Your search for the best IVF  center in Delhi is complete. On the other hand, let’s say you’re curious about how we, with the help of nature and contemporary medicine, might be able to facilitate your journey toward parenthood. In that case, feel free to contact us anytime for an initial consultation.

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