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Mr. Bhavesh & Mrs. Sonia IVF, USA

Soniya and I met in 2007 for the first time and soon after we got married in April of that same year. After couple years of trying we realized that we should see the fertility specialist. We got our first two IVF done in Cleveland Clinic hospital in Cleveland, OH USA. We still didn’t get any success we thought we should change the Hospital so we Went to University Hospital in Ohio and we did 3 more IVFs done there as well. We still didn’t get any success so we decide to give up on the baby but soon I got in touch with Dr. Rita Bakshi refer by great friend of mine who was also going through the fertility problems and she got great success with Dr. Bakshi. So we decided to give one last chance and we got success first time but unfortunately we lost that baby in USA in last stage of pregnancy. So we didn’t think twice and came back to Dr. Bakshi for more treatment and after 12 years we got Blessed with Twins. Yes Twins. One Boy and One Girl. It wouldn’t be possible without Dr. Bakshi. After five failed IVFs in USA Dr. Bakshi gave us joy of the lifetime. We couldn’t thank you enough to Dr.Bakshi and her staff.

Mr. Debebe & Mrs. Almaz, IVF, Ethiopia

I chose this clinic because it is one of the renowned IVF clinics in India and with excellent credibility and success rate. And we really got a comprehensive service here. I would like to appreciate all the staff of IFC. I especially thank Dr. Rita who treated us as not only as a doctor, but as a friend. With the entire centre’s help, we had a positive pregnancy through IVF and we were so delighted. They have fulfilled our hope and our dream.

Mr. Rajender & Mrs. Poonam, IVF, India

I was married in 2006 and one year later, I got to know that I couldn’t have a child. I had so many treatments at so many places- Sonepat, Himachal and many places in Delhi and I was not successful anywhere. I wasted a lot of money and time without any satisfaction. Then one day my doctor suggested me Dr. Rita. I talked to her and she gave me hope and we took IVF treatment and my wife was pregnant two months later! Today he is 8 and half months old, and all this would not have been possible without her. Today, I have all the happiness in my life with my family

Mr. Vijay & Mrs. Geeta, Surrogacy, USA

The staff is so kind and caring. Dr Rita Bakshi is such a genuine and experienced doctor. She has always been so encouraging and positive. If you’re reading up on IVF Surrogacy, you’ve probably had a hard road too. May your baby dreams also come true as they have come for ours! Dr. Rita gave us her personal number and we could contact her anytime throughout the process. She pays more attention to her patients than anyone else. Hats off to her and I will certainly recommend International Fertility Centre to every couple who are planning to choose surrogacy as an option to have a child. Personal attention, very fair prices compared to the others, and success.


Mr. Dean & Mrs. Kim, Surrogacy, USA

We are expecting twins in about twelve weeks. And we are so thankful to Dr. Rita, who is professional, helpful, and caring at all times. She answered all our questions and provided us enough guidance at every step of the way. We just can’t appreciate her enough. We have tried for years and but have been unable to conceive. And we are so happy to know, at this time, in about twelve weeks, we are going to have a family all thanks to Dr. Rita Bakshi


Mrs. Kathy & Mr. George, Surrogacy, USA

We chose IFC because we were not able to carry a child. At first, I was very apprehensive in general because of doing surrogacy in India. But after going through a lot of research and talking with the doctors, we were happy and pleased. They just helped us at every time. Our communication was easy through email, and I contacted Dr. Rita Bakshi on phone anytime whenever I had a query regarding medications, legalities, baby exit process and all. The staff at the clinic coordinated through the entire journey. We are so happy that IFC helped us fulfill our dream.


Mr. Shivam Kumar, IVF, India

I started consultation with AIIMS first. And after two or three years of thorough check up, they told me that my wife will not be able to conceive. But I was optimistic and did not give up. One of the senior doctors at AIIMS suggested me to meet Dr. Rita Bakshi. She listened to my case carefully and advised that IVF is the last hope for my wife. On 17th March, I started the treatment and on April 9, the doctors came to me and told me that my wife has become pregnant. Listening to this, I had tears in my eyes and this became the happiest moment of my life. This is my story and I will ask every couple to visit her without any delay.

Mrs. Veena & Mr. Hemchand, IVF, India

I have a great regard for Dr. Rita Bakshi. We have been married for 13 years. I was obese, weighed 94 Kgs. For boosting my fertility, I lost 31Kgs but still there was no hope. I put my faith on temples – Shirdi, Yogmaya, Mata Vaishnodevi but it was only at the doors of Dr. Rita Bakshi that I got my boy on 22nd February 2012. I named him Yogeshwar because it was with the kripa of Yogmaya temple and Dr. Bakshi, I cherished the parenthood dreams. ‘May God bless her & her team’.

Mrs. Chandralaxmi, IVF, Nepal

I have been married for 7 years but still childless. In the beginning, I was told that my uterus is blocked and I must go through an operation. I was disappointed. Then I met Dr. Rita Bakshi at her clinic for treatment. I got the desired results from here. Doctors along with nurses and other staff members have helped and inspired me a lot. They did a nice job for me. Nurses here are very nice and I am very happy with their services.

Mrs. Rani Malik, IVF, Nepal

It has been 4 years since I married. We tried for pregnancy many times, but it never happened. I tried IUI, surgeries but was unable to conceive. The support from Dr.Rita in India and the doctors, staff at her clinic made it possible and gave me positive pregnancy results. I am very happy now. I wish to raise my child like Dr.Rita, who would give a gift of a healthy baby and a hope to all those childless couples like me.