Same-sex parents in India

Challenges faced by Same-sex parents in India

Are you and your same-sex partner are planning for a child? Always remember that parenting by the same parent’s sex existed in our history too but is more prominent in the modern age. There are some issues which you have to deal with the same-sex couple. Understand that the law accepts you as a couple, but there is some hesitation in our society. There are few points which should be kept in mind by same-sex couples. 

Be honest: Parenting involves honesty as it requires a lot of courage. There is no point in loving and having a baby if you can’t raise it with honesty. You have to be honest towards the child’s soon your child reaches an age where he/ she can understand the relationships, you should be honest about your relationship with your child. Choose an appropriate time and remember every child is different from each other; some mature at an early age, where some do not. As a parent, you should judge the right time correctly, not affect your child’s relationship with both of you.

Face Society: you have to face our society with strength and grace both. You cannot change the mindset of every person near you. So do not fight as it will affect your child’s relationship with parents in the future. Instead, handle it with love. 

Build a solid and close relationship: As a same-sex parent, you have to nurture a solid and close bond with your child. You are your child’s best friend, playmate, and confidante, so your reality should not affect this bond with your child. It would be best if you made a strong bond with your child by spending quality time. Always be around, and both of you should put equal efforts during the upbringing of the child.

Accept reality: As a couple, you have to accept the fact first and accept your child. You have to tell your children about gay, lesbians, and heterosexual couples. They understand that it is pretty normal to have same-sex parents, give them logic with a lot of care and at the right time. Tell them that it is pretty normal to have such relationships, and you both love your child the most.

Seek Help: You should consult an advisor before and after a baby. Before a baby, it is required to clear your doubts and to make you prepare for parenting. Your child might get bullied at school or a park by his friends, so meet a counselor to handle the situation. 

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