What to do when IVF cycle doesn’t work?

If you are struggling to conceive naturally, having a negative pregnancy test will be nothing new for you. Presently, couples worldwide are experiencing fertility issues and even after undergoing IVF treatments, they fail to become parents.

What to do when IVF cycle doesn’t work?

Here are a few tips for couples to cope up with repeated IVF failures.

Understand the cause behind IVF failure

Don’t opt for a follow up until and unless you are clear about the reason behind your IVF failure. There are many couples who are unaware of the signs evident throughout their IVF cycle that result in low success rates. For instance, IVF failure due to improper fertilization is because of poor quality embryos used.

Don’t push yourself into anything

When you have an IVF failure, it brings you back to square one. With years of efforts of conceiving naturally and IVF trials, couples feel that they should move on without time wastage and they rush into making haste decisions which may cause complications or issues in future. This is why after having an IVF failure, taking immediate decisions is not advisable.

Take time out for yourself

During the aftermath of failed IVF, it is important for you to take maximum possible time to heal yourself and get relief. Practice meditation, take a break from work, go on a vacation and spend quality time with your family and do everything you love. Take a break from work, go on a vacation and spend quality time with your family.

Explore new options

Before heading towards another similar treatment method, considering it was a matter of bad luck that your first IVF cycle failed, spend good time in researching other available options. Few couples are hardly aware of the wide-range of treatments available and face regret later. Discuss openly with your doctors and other patients going through the same situation for new ideas.

Consult a Counselor

Through counselling, you will get invaluable help before and during a treatment. It is a good source of support for couples with recurrent IVF failures as it is a medium of strength and courage. It can also benefit couples who are indecisive of whether they should continue with another treatment or not.

Be happy and avoid unwanted stress

Having an IVF failed cycle has a huge impact on your personal life and relationships. Never let IVFV failures affect what you today. There is no denial in the fact that continuing with daily activities during treatment and your relationship with your partner can be an emotionally-drenching situation making the goal of having a baby most important. No matter how hard it is, make it a point to splurge quality time with your partner and close ones to maintain healthy relationships.

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Dr Rita Bakshi

Dr. Rita Bakshi is a well renowned gynaecologsts and obstetrician with a rich experience of more than 20 years in the field of Assisted Reproductive technology (ART). Dr. Rita has extensive experience in all fields of assisted conception, with a special interest in IVF and Egg Donor Surrogacy. She’s also the founder of ADIVA group of Hospitals. During the past two decades of service, Dr. Rita Bakshi has brought happiness to thousands of couples and performed over 6000 caesarean sections, 3000 Hysterectomies, 1000 cases of IVF annually with a success rate of over 45%. She takes your dreams seriously and focuses on the long term and best interests of the child, the surrogate and the intended parent(s).