What is IUI and how is it performed?

When we talk about male infertility, one of the procedures to treat male infertility is Intrauterine Insemination or IUI. This is a procedure whereby a male sperm is collected and placed in the female egg for fertilization. However, it has lower success rates as compared to other IVF procedures. This makes it a least effective treatment option. The success rate of any IVF treatment depends upon the age of the partner, the usage of drugs along with the procedure and the reason behind infertility itself. It is estimated that 20% couples may achieve pregnancy with IUI.

What is IUI and how is it performed?

The International Fertility Centre offers premium IUI treatment in Delhi. The following are the various stages of a routine Intrauterine Insemination.

  • The semen is collected to be cultured and washed to separate the spermatozoa from the seminal fluid.
  • The sperm cells are later placed in the uterus by a catheter. This ensures accuracy and also more cells can be placed at the same time, therefore, increasing the chances of pregnancy. The procedure takes just a few minutes to perform. There are certain variations according to the state of health of the couples.
  • If the partner has high fertility rate, then a natural cycle IUI is followed, wherein the procedure takes place during the time of ovulation. This is naturally the best time for fertilization.
  • If the partner has low fertility rates, a stimulated IUI cycle procedure is followed. This procedure is monitored more carefully as the administration of drugs to cause ovulation may increase the creation of fertile eggs drastically. Transvaginal ultrasound scans help to determine egg growth and the procedure is done according to the effect of the drugs.
  • The IUI is performed within 24-36 hours of dosage to the partner. There are chances of multiple pregnancies occurring due to stimulated IUI procedure, so doctors are more alert in performing this procedure. Partners may experience a short menstrual-cramp post IUI procedure, so bed rest is highly advisable.
  • Once the IUI procedure gets completed, the only stage left is ultrasound to check for pregnancy chances. These are routine checks that are monitored and decided as the doctors observe successful pregnancy changes. An IUI can be a very effective route to achieve pregnancy. It is a viable option for all couples given the right conditions.

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