Tips to have a healthy heart for healthy living

Tips to have a healthy heart for healthy living

29TH November is World Stroke Day. On this occasion, we wish everyone healthy well-being. Health is the most precious asset one can achieve simply by healthy eating, exercise and trying to remain happy. However, people nowadays, due to their busy life, do not take their health seriously. Working people undergo stress to meet deadlines at work and many fall easy prey to depression because of doomed incidents. Stress and depression have taken several lives across the world.

For having a healthy lifestyle, one should have a healthy heart. If the heart is not healthy then having a healthy body is next to impossible. Here are a few tips one can follow for good heart health.

  • Quitting smoking lowers chances of having heart attacks. It is the single most vital factor that adds years to life so stop smoking now and feel the difference.
  • High salt intake raises blood pressure levels and thereby, risk of developing coronary heart disease is higher. Salty foods like salted peanuts, chips, pizzas and ready-made meals should be avoided. Cereals and breads may also have high salt content.
  • Keep a strict watch on diet ingredients. Opt for a well-balanced diet that includes fruit, vegetables, starch foods like whole grain breads and rice. Avoid products with saturated fats and sugar.
  • Being overweight or obese is harmful for heart. Start eating small frequent meals to avoid binge eating; bring lifestyle changes and become more physically active.
  • Keep an eye on alcohol intake to keep both liver and heart healthy. If one is a habitual drinker, put a stop right away. It causes damage to heart muscles, lifts blood pressure and also leads to weight gain
  • Aim for 30 minutes of medium strength exercise a day for better mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Seven hours sleep is vital for having adequate calcium levels in arteries. Low calcium content in arteries is an early sign of heart disease. In case of sleep issues at night, consult a physician.
  • Regular monitoring of blood pressure and cholesterol levels is a must for everyone. Higher the blood pressure, shorter the life expectancy as it may lead to more chances of stroke or heart attacks.
  • High cholesterol levels in blood lead to storing of fatty acid in coronary arteries, causing heart strokes and circulatory system diseases. Eating pulses, beans, fruits and vegetables will help keep cholesterol levels in control.
  • Managing stress levels is the best way to relax body and mind. This will stop you from falling prey to bad habits like smoking and alcohol.
  • Check if there is a family history of coronary heart disease due to smoking, high blood pressure & cholesterol, lack of physical activity, obesity and diabetes. If there is a genetic link found, there are more chances of having heart issues.
  • Having healthy relationships makes mood upbeat and offers a positive outlook towards life. Surround yourself with positive people or supportive friends.

Closing Thoughts

Having healthy relationships makes mood upbeat and offers a positive outlook towards life. Surround yourself with positive people or supportive friends. Living a heart-healthy lifestyle is important for your overall health. Opt for healthy living, make your daily routine more active, and gain awareness of heart diseases and take good care of yourself to have a healthy future ahead.

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