Surrogacy Journey to Parenthood- Kaitlyn’s Story

We (Kaitlyn and Erick) got married in the year 2003. I wanted to conceive soon, so after 1 year of our marriage we were trying to have a baby. We tried for 2 years to conceive naturally but were unable to do. So we went to the doctors in U.S and done various medical checks-up and test and were informed that everything is o.k.

Surrogacy Journey to Parenthood- Kaitlyn’s Story

We did complete course of medication and still nothing happened and then approached the bigger hospital. We were informed by the doctors that everything is normal and will conceive soon.

I did IUI and conceived also but had missed abortion at 5 weeks of pregnancy. I went into depression after this. And after 1 year gap underwent many failed cycles of IUI in Nepal as U.S is expensive. After many failures of IUI our doctor suggested us for an IVF. We didn’t have much money also. We did IVF cycle also but were unsuccessful.

After going through so many failures and depression we took the decision to go for surrogacy option.

We thought of Nepal but it didn’t have many clinics for it. We did lot of Google search and found International Fertility centre as our first choice. We did lot of research on it and watched many of the You-tubes videos and also checked both the doctors’ profiles. We became confident during our research and decided to proceed with Dr. Rita Bakshi – International Fertility Centre for surrogacy. We had Skype call, emails and many telephonic calls before we enrolled ourselves with the clinic and became very confident about our choice that we are in good and safe hands. We had put our trust and faith in the doctor and the result of this is that today we are the proud parents of our baby girl.

We would like to say special thanks to both the doctors and clinic’s other staff for having lot of patience with us throughout the process and sharing all the information and reports of the surrogate by updating us. The doctors and IFC Team is very co-operative.

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Dr Rita Bakshi

Dr. Rita Bakshi is a well renowned gynaecologsts and obstetrician with a rich experience of more than 20 years in the field of Assisted Reproductive technology (ART). Dr. Rita has extensive experience in all fields of assisted conception, with a special interest in IVF and Egg Donor Surrogacy. She’s also the founder of ADIVA group of Hospitals. During the past two decades of service, Dr. Rita Bakshi has brought happiness to thousands of couples and performed over 6000 caesarean sections, 3000 Hysterectomies, 1000 cases of IVF annually with a success rate of over 45%. She takes your dreams seriously and focuses on the long term and best interests of the child, the surrogate and the intended parent(s).