Role of FET Frozen-Embryo-Transfer in Infertility Treatment

The multiple or more than one embryo formation during IVF is frozen using liquid nitrogen at minus -196 ̊C. These frozen embryos, are utilized to achieve fertilization, in next cycle run of IVF. This technique is called Frozen-Embryo Transfer or FET. The advantage of FET or Frozen-Embryo-Transfer is that, the technique prevents or preludes, hormonal stimulation & egg collection again and again.

Role of FET Frozen-Embryo-Transfer in Infertility Treatment

Embryos are frozen at Day-2 four-cell-cleavage stage to Day-5 blastocyst embryo stage. The cryo-preserved embryos, are placed in thin plastic straws, sealed at both ends, and labeled with your name and identification number. Three to four embryos are transferred, in routine, at the single-execution of one frozen-Embryo transfer.

The process is successful in expectant mothers, with an earlier unsuccessful-attempt, or in case of extra embryos, remaining from an initial IVF cycle run. Embryo- freezing improves opportunity, to gain pregnancy using frozen ET, instead of next attempt with hormone stimulation cycle, & egg-collection. IFC has proven success results, and has successfully done FET procedures for more than 9 years now.

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