Multi Fetal Pregnancy Reduction during first Trimester of Pregnancy

Multi fetal pregnancy reduction is a process in which the number of fetus is reduced. It is also known as multiple pregnancy when the number of fetus is two. And when the number increases to more than three fetuses, it is called high order pregnancy. These two types of pregnancy have high risk of miscarriages, still birth or lifelong disability of child.

Causes of multi fetal pregnancy

There are two main factors that increases the number of multiple pregnancies, they are:

  • Assisted reproductive technology (ART)
  • And use of fertility drugs

How fetal reduction is performed?

Transabdominal process is the most common process of fetal reduction. It is performed by inserting needle through the abdomen. This needle is then passes through the uterus to the selected fetus. All this is done under the guidance of ultrasound. The potassium chloride is then injected to the fetus and fetus heart stops beating.

Why fetal reduction is important during pregnancy

Multi fetal reduction process is very positive as it increases the chances of successful and healthy pregnancy. This process is performed in between 9th and 12th weeks of pregnancy, which is an early stage of pregnancy.

This process is conducted when the number of fetus is more than one or more than three. The risk of death or disability are higher when the fetus number increases, so MFPR is very helpful in this context as it increases the chances of healthy survival of fetus.

Consult your doctor

Multi fetal pregnancy reduction is a very difficult decision for a pregnant woman. It is extremely a traumatic condition. Sometimes multi fetal peganancy reduction also leads to miscarriage of the remaining fetuses. And also there is a chance for infection and preterm labor. Better you concern your doctor before going for it. And if you want detailed information about fetal reduction, please contact us and resolve your doubts through renowned gynecologist in India and we will support you to the best of ability.

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