Is my baby’s weight normal?

Every baby grows at a different pace but the weight numbers are merely an estimate. Your baby’s weight is likely to vary. There is nothing to worry about even if your ultrasound report indicates that your baby’s weight is lesser or on the higher side. Once you reach full term, your baby’s weight will range between >5 pounds, usually.

You can track your baby’s weight right from 8 weeks. Below is the trimester by trimester criteria, you can use to observe your baby’s weight growth.

Is my baby’s weight normal?

What if my baby is overweight?

Apart from your baby, it is vital for you to maintain a healthy body weight as well. An overweight would-be mother may require only 6-7 kgs to gain while an underweight woman would require at least 11-12 kgs.

Can I lose weight during pregnancy? Will it be safe for my baby?

If you are overweight, your doctor might suggest you to lose some weight for a healthier pregnancy. If you are average or underweight, it is better to avoid weight loss when pregnant.

I am underweight by 5 kgs. How to have optimal body weight?

After reading this, you might think that you should mindlessly eat junk or fat foods. This is not true. Gaining weight does not necessarily mean eating fattening foods. In fact, it means gaining weight in a healthy manner by eating a nutritious diet.

Here are a few points that will help you achieve healthy body weight during pregnancy:

  • Eat less but more often. Prefer eating smaller meals but 3-4 times daily.
  • Keep a handful of snacks with you like dried fruits, yogurt and nuts, which will keep you full for long hours.
  • Add apples, banana, peanut butter to your diet, eggs and other high-protein foods to your diet.
  • Enjoy dollops of butter, cheese or cream in your morning breakfast.
  • Complete avoid eating junk or fatty foods.
  • 30 minutes of light exercise daily is a must.
  • Drink home-made fresh fruit juices instead of artificially sweetened juices available in the market.
  • Talk to a nutritionist/dietitian who will plan a personalized diet plan for you considering your body needs.

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