Improve Your Chances of Conception through IUI at Risaa IVF

Sometimes a little help can do wonders as done by IUI in the field of assisted reproduction. IUI enables couples troubled by unexplained infertility to realize their parenting dreams. It provides the little help needed by the sperm to reach the ovaries for fertilization to take place in cases of male factor infertility triggered by ejaculation issues.

Improve Your Chances of Conception through IUI at International Fertility Centre

IUI is a process including inseminating of sperm directly into the uterus of the intending mother to assist her achieve conception. The sperm sample collected from the intending father is prepared for insemination. A healthy concentration of sperm is injected into the uterus of the intending mother.

This process is considered simpler and less invasive while being cost effective as compared to other assisted reproductive techniques. Though it is a simple process, the execution of complete process needs a lot of effort by your fertility clinic. The success rate of your IUI cycle will depend a lot on the way whole procedure is done.

Internation Fertility Centre makes your IUI cycle a comfortable experience for you ensuring maximum success rates. Here are some factors which improve your chances of conceiving successfully at International Fertility Centre

Ovarian Stimulation:

You are put on high standard fertility medication to induce ovulation so that a large number of eggs can be produced. It is considered to support the chances of a successful conception.

Use Prepared Sperm:

Sperm sample collected from the intending father is prepared using best sperm processing methods to have a healthy sperm concentration. Well prepared sperm facilitates better chances of egg fertilization.

Timely Insemination:

The timing insemination is very important so a well-timed injection is planned through an HCG trigger to ensure a better control of the process.

Dual Insemination:

Double inseminations have shown better results as per the reports, dual insemination is performed during the cycle to ensure maximum chances of conception.

Chances of successful conception using IUI depend on a lot of other factors like age and previous medical history but International Fertility Centre executes the process in a best possible manner to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.


Dr Rita Bakshi

Dr. Rita Bakshi is a well renowned gynaecologsts and obstetrician with a rich experience of more than 20 years in the field of Assisted Reproductive technology (ART). Dr. Rita has extensive experience in all fields of assisted conception, with a special interest in IVF and Egg Donor Surrogacy. She’s also the founder of ADIVA group of Hospitals. During the past two decades of service, Dr. Rita Bakshi has brought happiness to thousands of couples and performed over 6000 caesarean sections, 3000 Hysterectomies, 1000 cases of IVF annually with a success rate of over 45%. She takes your dreams seriously and focuses on the long term and best interests of the child, the surrogate and the intended parent(s).