All you need to know about Pap Smear at IFC

Women observe at least one gynaecological issue in their life span, ranging from mild to severe. Most common issues are irregular period cycle due to infertility or growth of cancerous cells. Amongst the commonest cancers found in woman’s reproductive organs is cervical cancer. However, with timely diagnosis and cure, it can be life saving for women prone to cervical cancer.

All you need to know about Pap Smear at IFC

A Pap Smear Test helps in identifying presence of cancerous cells in the cervix. It is done through gentle scraping of the cervical tissue followed analysis of abnormal cell growth. If any abnormality is seen, it does not usually indicate cervical cancer, but it might be the precancerous phase which can be reversed if treated in time.

Who needs Pap Smear?

  • Women above 21 years of age should get regular Pap Smear testing done after every three years.
  • Women between 30-65 years may require Pap Smear Test in every five years.
  • Women who are sexually active and open to sexually transmitted diseases should take Pap Smear Test more often.
  • HIV positive patients require frequent Pap Smear Tests

Closing Thoughts

Regular Pap smear testing is useful for women with potential risks of cervical cancer. It is an easy and accurate procedure and if you get abnormal Pap Smear Test results, it does not mean you have cancer. It simply means that you have abnormal cells present in your cervix, some of them may be precancerous. Depending upon the result, your doctor will advise you to increase repetition of your Pap Smears. Pap Smear Test is a basic test during any fertility treatment to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

At last, Pap Smear Test is a basic test during any fertility treatment to ensure a healthy pregnancy. It is a great safety measure for every woman, which should be done at regular intervals for early detection and treatment.

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