5 Tips to overcome baby blues

After the birth of a child, mother breast starts producing a substance called colortrum, then, due to hormonal changes in around third or fourth day of child’s birth, milk starts to flow. These hormonal changes cast a very low feeling in a mother. Emotionally she starts feeling depressed for few days. This phase is called post natal depression or baby blues, which every woman go through after giving birth.

5 Tips to overcome baby blues


They start weeping for no reason. Sometimes they have nightmares. Women generally feel anxious that they are not mature enough to take the responsibility of motherhood; it takes a week or even a month to completely get out of such feelings.

After delivery, postnatal depression is generally attributed to hormonal disparity. Woman can overcome this phase of hormonal imbalance by incorporating certain habits in her day to day life

Dietary changes : Eating healthy food with all the nutrients and with lots of vegetables and fruits is very essential for mothers who do breast feeding.

Meditation : Mediation is the best remedy to deal with negative emotions rather than suppress them. It also helps mother to recompense for lack of sleep. Meditation not only rejuvenates but also helps her to discover the peace and strength within her.

Yoga: Yoga is the best way to cope up with low feelings, and series of Pawanmukt (anti gastric) asana will help a lot in it.

Pranayama (breathing exercises):breathing artfully is called pranayama. Within two days after delivery mother can recommence nadishodhan pranayama. This is very beneficial for nervous system.

Share your feelings For rapid recovery, woman needs someone to talk to, someone who can understand her mental conditions. She could even talk and share her thoughts with other mothers, and also with her family and friends.

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