10 effective ways to make healthy sperm

When it comes conceiving a child, women are often blamed for their ineffective reproductive health. However, the fact is that many men have also problems in the reproductive health that make trouble conceiving. According to studies, one in 10 couples who are infertile, it has been found male factors alone contribute to 30% of these cases.

10 effective ways to make healthy sperm

1. Intake healthy diet

A healthy diet helps breed healthy sperm. Fertility experts believe increase the intake of the zinc, selenium, vitamin C, essential fatty foods etc. Fresh fruits and vegetables are especially good as their antioxidants have a positive effect on fertility.

2. Sleep More

Sleep is considered a preventive measure that helps in reducing depression and infertility. A latest study suggests that people who have lack of sleep or sleep disturbances, on average, suffers from low sperm count, low testosterone levels, and smaller testicular size compared to men who got more shut-eye.

3. Avoid laptops in your lap

In the contemporary world, staying connected and up-to-date is important. This means having laptops and in your lap can be a constant threat of infertility.

4. Kick Butts

Smoking cigarettes can cause low sperm counts and slow-moving sperm. Your guy should stop smoking as soon as possible. A smoker should aim to be smoke-free at least three months before you try to conceive. “Sperm production takes about three months, and by stop smoking, these changes will occur in three months.”

5. Stress-free

If you are constantly stressed out, it takes toll on your reproductive health especially damaging your sperm production. Do some exercises and make your life stress-free.

6. Get out of the hot tub

“Wet heat” isn’t good for the testes, and, according to a study published in 2007, even 30 minutes in a hot tub can temporarily decrease sperm production. Wet heat exposure can impact man’s sperm. Avoid sitting in hot tubs for long hours.

7. Stay Away from Toxins

Toxic chemicals such as heavy metals, lead, and chemical solvents can increase the percentage of damaged sperm, so men who are expected to conceive in the near future should try to keep away from them. If you job is around chemicals, you can wear a face mask and protective clothing with proper ventilation.

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Dr Rita Bakshi

Dr. Rita Bakshi is a well renowned gynaecologsts and obstetrician with a rich experience of more than 20 years in the field of Assisted Reproductive technology (ART). Dr. Rita has extensive experience in all fields of assisted conception, with a special interest in IVF and Egg Donor Surrogacy. She’s also the founder of ADIVA group of Hospitals. During the past two decades of service, Dr. Rita Bakshi has brought happiness to thousands of couples and performed over 6000 caesarean sections, 3000 Hysterectomies, 1000 cases of IVF annually with a success rate of over 45%. She takes your dreams seriously and focuses on the long term and best interests of the child, the surrogate and the intended parent(s).